Question about Green River?

I have to do a school paper. Does anyone know anything about Green River and Abrdeen or where I can find some sites to do the reasearch. My book mostly cover Green River and I need more information

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    Green River was originally in the Dakotas in 1868.

    In 1891 it became part of Wyoming. The mine at the

    Green River basin

    contains the world's largest known deposit of trona ore.

    Sodium Carbonate is derived from this Trona Ore which is used to produce glass and many other items.

    FMC Corporation Or the food and machinery corporation .

    OCI Wyoming LP.

    General Chemical Corporation.

    Solvay Minerals Inc.

    Church and Dwight Company Inc.

    all have mines there.

    Most comparisons made are between the FMC in Aberdeen South Dakota and the FMC in Green River Wyoming.

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    Up at Cody's Camp I spent my days, with flat car riders and cross tie walkers...

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    google it or the website

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