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Ron Paul has been called "Dr. No". Why? (Wasn't that a character in a James Bond novel?)?

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    Yes, "Dr. No" was an evil villain in one of Ian Fleming's novels, and it was the title of the first James Bond movie. That's why detractors of Ron Paul tried to stick that label on him -- based on the fact that he very often the only "No" vote against bills he believes violate the Constitution (and also on the fact that is an MD).

    The label was meant to attack him and cast him in a negative way. He does not particularly like this label, but his staff LOVES it!

    He is one of the few Representatives in Congress who vote based upon principles rather than polls or political advantage (or because they are told how to vote by "the leadership". He is probably the only House member who does so on ALL votes.

    If any bill attempts to exercise powers not granted to the Congress by the Constitution, Dr. Paul will vote against it.


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    You have to understand most of our elected federal officials are trying to constantly pass legislation that "HELPS" the rich elite class of multi-national corporations, at the expense of the common tax payers.

    Ron Paul has a consistent record of trying his best to help the ordinary American workers, instead of the mega-rich multi-nationals......That's why he votes "NO" on most legislation that will eventually hurt the ordinary working class people of the USA.

    Please read this example of a bill he has introduced:

    Of course the other legislators will probably not pass this very good {imo} proposal.

    thank you.


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