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Anonymous asked in PetsFish · 1 decade ago

Do you need to put tap safe and fish safe in a tank???

I had a bowl and i put tap safe and fish safe in and my fish kept on dying now what i need is some really good advice here iam getting a tank on sunday with a filter now will i need to put tap safe and fish safe in or just fresh water???

please answer asap!

cheers xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  • Ghapy
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    1 decade ago
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    Most people simply use water conditioners to treat the tap water. They work well, they work instantly. The chances are that the bowl killed your fish, not the water (bowls foul easy, their constricting size is stressful to fish, and owners tend to change all of the water at once, which is also stressful to fish). There are some people that have unusually poor water coming from the taps, but most people can safely use it.

    If you choose to age the water instead, you had better call your water supply to make sure they don't use chloromines or other non-gassable additions - the only thing removed by aging water is chlorine, all other metals and elements remain in the tank. In tanks there's no need to age water because we do "partial" water changes - and by changing no more then a third of the water there's no need to acclimate the fish to every single water change, which is a make-work project.

    If you choose to use distilled or Reverse Osmosis water you'll be using the cleanest possible source, but also a source lacking in important elements both for water stability and for the fish - you'll need to add these back yourself. This route is not recommended for beginners.

    99% of freshwater fish keepers just use treated tap water. I've been doing so, adding the conditioner directly to the tank and water directly from the tap, for twenty years.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    for a fresh water tank, the most important thing is that you use reverse osmosis water...not just tap water. you can get it from almost any pet store or grocery store. tap safe/fish safe...... not too familiar with those but when you start a new aquarium there is a product called cycle. it will start all the good bacteria that your fish need to survive. it just takes a cap full for every 10 gallons. stress coat is the other product that will help you out. you will find it at the pet store right by the cycle and other aquarium products.

    with your new tank it is a good idea to set it up and let its do its thing for 1-2 weeks before you add any fish. other than that, you should be well on your way!

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  • 1 decade ago

    you dont say what kind of fish you are keeping, but i'll assume they are freshwater fish like goldfish.

    the golden rule is that you never add anything to a tank of water with fish in it, but do all your water additive changes to water outside the tank, let it set and aerate for a period of time, to achieve the proper ph, then slowly add the new water, over maybe an hour.

    fish are among the most sensitive creatures on god's green earth to environment changes, and you want to make any change as slowly as possible. there are all sorts of good books available on fish keeping, and what you are talking about is very basic information. there are also forums where you can ask questions and get answers from very knowledgeable people or just read the forums for what others have asked and had answered.

    heres a good one:

    Source(s): saltwater enthusiast
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