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Why does Dingy Harry Reid....?

...have to fabricate insults to the troops in order to pretend he cares about them? Can't he pretend to care about the honorable troops who were really slandered by moveon, kerry, murtha, obama and durbin?

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    Harry Reid's "To Do" list.

    1) Pull troops out of Iraq.

    2) Formally surrender to insuregents.

    3) Blame Bush for failure in Iraq.

    4) Guarantee victory for Dems in '08.

    So far, he's accomplished #3 and that's it and America is waking up to the surrender monkey mentality of the radical left. So to counter this Reid is now pretending that the Dems care about troops, while accusing them of murder, rape, pillaging, imperialism, and all sorts of other heinous acts. But, so far it's a pretty lame attempt. I mean how can you pretend to care about the troops while ramming a knife in their backs?

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    I would like to see quotes of these so called insults to the troops. The fact is, Harry Reid doesn't "fabricate insults, the Republicans do.

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    1 decade ago

    Harry Reid is an asterisk in the political landscape

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    Harry Reid should go home to small town Nevada.

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    Huh? 'splain Lucy .

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