How do we remove spray foam adhesive/insulation from outside our camper?

We purchased a camper recently and the previous owners attached a screenhouse and "sealed" the cracks with a spray foam polyeurathane insulation / foam. It turned "gold" colored. We removed the screen house and peeled off , to the best we could, the insulation foam from the spray can...however, sticky residue and hardened foam is stuck to the outside of our travel trailer. Any product that may remove it? Really hate the thought of sanding it off and then repainting a 3 year old travel trailer!!! HELP!

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    Any solvents strong enough to remove the foam will also attack the paint... sorry to say, but thats what is going to happen.

    Acetone will dissolve the foam... but it will also strip the paint... and it may not be apparent it is doing that, immediately.

    Your best approach is probably going to be good old fashioned elbow grease, if you don't want to repaint. You might try scraping the foam off, with a plastic putty knife. PLASTIC mind you... not metal... it will be less likely to scratch the paint. A nylon pot scrubber would be another choice. But the foam may have attacked the paint, depending on which type it you may end up repainting anyway. Try the plastic putty knife first...and see what youve got.

    By the way.... If that screen room was attached for any length of time, you may have some difference in the paint color, from what was inside it, as opposed to what could be faded... outside of it.

    Good Luck

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    How To Remove Foam Insulation

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    Cut off the foam with a razor knife or a saw. On a piece of it put on a couple of drops of fingernail polish remover(acetone). The foam should dissolve. Also, try lacquer thinner. It should do the same thing. Both can be got in larger amounts at a paintstore or WalMart. When it comes to the sticky stuff, scrape off as much as possible from the surface and dampen a rag with (which ever product) and wipe down the goo(do wear good thick rubber gloves). It depends on the paint job on the trailer(if it is baked on enamel on metal)your chance of dissolving it with either product is reduced.

    Be fully aware these products are flammable and you need to do this job in the open air.

    Repaint the foam that does show in the end, with a 100% acrylic latex product for the outdoors.

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    You might want to ask someone at the hardware store where you bought it what to use, I would try ,,GOO GONE,or GOOF OFF..this might take some of the paint off too,,, but you could try this if you remove some of the paint,,,tape off around the area where the paint has been removed (around the screen-house) paint that small area,close to the same color ,or use a different color to accent it ,no need to paint the whole camper,it will probably look great, you can always paint over it, if you don't like the color

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    Try a mix of lemon juice, white vinegar and a little washing-up liquid in warm water wipe clean with scrunched up newspaper. Baking soda or bicarbonate of soda are also good - use a little on an old toothbrush. The foam might need something stronger, or even gentle scraping otherwise! Good luck and hope you are happy in your new home.

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    Lighter Fluid My Do It. Best To Try A Small Spot First Though.

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    I would use WD-40. Spray it on a small area & let it soak in then use a nylon scrubber (like you use on dishes) to get rid of the loosened foam. After you get it clean, use paste wax to seal the area to prevent oxidation.

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    Certainly knowing the EXACT formulation of the expandable foam will help. OR similar products available in any home store...THEN the proper solvents might help; but no matter what you try; you still might assume that the paint job is already, or will be damaged.

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