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I was just wondering how many represenatives the state of california has. Thanks

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    53 - Listed below


    Baca, Joe, California, 43rd Becerra, Xavier, California, 31st

    Berman, Howard, California, 28th Bilbray, Brian P., California, 50th

    Bono, Mary, California, 45th Calvert, Ken, California, 44th

    Campbell, John, California, 48th Capps, Lois, California, 23rd

    Cardoza, Dennis, California, 18th Costa, Jim, California, 20th

    Davis, Susan, California, 53rd Doolittle, John, California, 4th

    Dreier, David, California, 26th Eshoo, Anna G., California, 14th

    Farr, Sam, California, 17th Filner, Bob, California, 51st

    Gallegly, Elton, California, 24th Harman, Jane, California, 36th

    Herger, Wally, California, 2nd Honda, Mike, California, 15th

    Hunter, Duncan, California, 52nd Issa,Darrell, California, 49th

    Lantos, Tom, California, 12th Lee, Barbara, California, 9th

    Lewis, Jerry, California, 41st Lofgren, Zoe, California, 16th

    Lungren, Daniel E., California, 3rd McKeon, Buck, California, 25th

    Matsui, Doris O., California, 5th McCarthy, Kevin, California, 22nd

    McNerney, Jerry, California, 11th

    Miller, Gary, California, 42nd Miller, George, California, 7th

    Napolitano, Grace, California, 38th Nunes, Devin, California, 21st

    Pelosi, Nancy, California, 8th Radanovich, George P., California, 19th

    Richardson, Laura, California, 37th

    Rohrabacher, Dana, California, 46th Roybal-Allard, Lucille, California, 34th

    Royce, Ed, California, 40th Sanchez, Linda, California, 39th

    Sanchez, Loretta, California, 47th Schiff, Adam, California, 29th

    Sherman, Brad, California, 27th Solis, Hilda, California, 32nd

    Stark, Fortney Pete, California, 13th Tauscher, Ellen, California, 10th

    Thompson, Mike, California, 1st Waters, Maxine, California, 35th

    Watson, Diane E., California, 33rd Waxman, Henry, California, 30th

    Woolsey, Lynn, California, 6th

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