what's spy cookie? should i get rid of it?

if there's something on your computer that says spy cookie, should you get rid of it?

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    You are talking about a TACKING COOKIE. These are NOT good and you DEFINITELY _WANT_ to get RID of them! ;)

    Read about tracking cookies here:


    F-Secure also offers a FREE On-line scan for several different types of mal-ware and takes care of them for you. The scan can be found here:


    Source(s): Over a Decade of experience with Windows up to XP and getting geared up to Migrate to the Penquin. Linux ROCKS!...cuz you don't have to worry NEAR as much about such things with Linux. :D
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    Download Ad-Aware 2008 and Spybot S&D. Don't sweat cookies too much, though. If you really want to protect against the bad ones (many are good ones), turn off third-party cookies this way: In Firefox: 1. Click the Tools->Options menu item. 2. Click the Privacy page. 3. Uncheck Accept third-party cookies. 4. Click OK. In Internet Explorer 6: 1. Click Tools->Internet Options. 2. Click the Privacy tab. 3. Click the Advanced button. 4. Check Override default cookie handling. 5. Change Third Party cookies to Block or Prompt. 6. OK out of everything. Hope that helps.

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    Cookies are just small .txt (text) files that by themselves cannot hurt your computer. Cookies are "set" by almost every web-site that you visit, on every visit. You can delete all your cookies today and by tomorrow you will have dozens again just be visiting web-sites.

    Cookies do not slow down a computer, at least the first million or so that you might have on your computer!

    They are not a virus or spyware, BUT some people consider "tracking" or "spy" cookies to be an invasion of privacy.

    Tracking cookies are usually "3rd party cookies" from advertising servers. They can track your movements around the web in order to deliver to you customized, targeted advertising.

    It all depends on ones personal level of paranoia whether you consider tracking cookies some kind of threat. Some anti-spyware programs do not even report tracking cookies as even a minor threat.

    If you are using Internet Explorer for a browser, you can permanently block all 3rd party (tracking) cookies. Go to tools > internet options > privacy > advanced > check-mark "override automatic cookie handling" > third party cookies > tick "block" > ok > ok.

    Children are the people that are always the most nervous about cookies. Because cookies are an easy way for Mommy and Daddy to find out exactly what their darling 'lil b@$^@#d$ have been looking at on the web.

    Personally, If I happen to remember it, I will delete my cookies every 6 months or so :-)

    Cookies are much ado about nothin'.

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    Cookies are information that a website stores on your computer. It's not always bad, though. Everytime you save a password on a website, it is just writing a cookie.

    However, sometimes they can be malicious.

    You should have no problem deleting it. In fact, there is no harm in deleting any cookie on your computer.

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    Go to the TOOLS dropdown and go to internet options, remove recent internet files, internet history, cookies, that will get rid of the bugger! Then go to Start and go to Control Panel, then to ADD of REMOVE programs; slowly scroll through and see if there is a program you don't want in there and delete it.

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    4 years ago

    You could help yourself a lot just by setting your browser not to accept certain cookies.

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    All the ones that you know of that are not from trusted sites that you frequent.

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