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how do u know if u love someone???

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    u will know when that special someone arrives =)

    some people say that they get butterflies in their stomach and get very nervous, etc. but i personally wouldn't explain in that way. because i believe different person has different symptoms or ways of "showing" their love. i mean, yes some person happens to have those symptoms but i dont. well, at first i was kinda nervous around him, but as time passed by, it just went away, but that doesn't mean i don't love him anymore.

    u dont know u love someone from one day to another. first u begin to like the guy, and u get to know him better because u like him, it might be his personality or his look, etc. as u get to know him, u might like him more or like him less. it depends on how u guys get along.

    after some time, u begin to have stronger feelings for him, and u just want to be the best when his around. u want to show off how good u r and how beautiful u r. u'll be showing ur best side. it is normal. and then u find urself wanting the best for him because u love him, because he means a lot to u. u;ll find urself thinking about him constantly. always wanting to know what he's up to. if anything happens to him, u;ll find urself worried about him. if he's sad, u'll also feel sad, if he's happy u'll b happy because he's happy. u'll feel connected to him. if one day he treats u different, u'll notice right away. if he treats u different in a bad way, u;ll b totally upset. if he treats u better, it makes ur day :) u'll b happy as hell :D one move of his, defines ur mood.

    these are just some "symptoms" of being in love :) it is kinda complicated yet so beautiful!

    wish u luck!

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    Love is such a beautiful thing if it's true love. When I see this man that I know I'm in love with my heart race fast,I can't seam to stop smiling and to me he could do no wrong but what really made me know this is true love because he brought out the best in me He thought me how to love and be myself. I pray this is a serious relationship and he loves you back. When two people love each other they'll always bring out the best in each other.Even through the hard times if if you both have God in your lives he'll be with you to weather the storms of life. The greatest thing in life is love.

    Source(s): 1Corinthians13:1-13
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    When you're in love you just know. It's when you can't imagine yourself with any other person. The person you can see yourself with for the rest of your life. When you're together you feel complete in a way others can't make you feel.

    Part of being in love to me is accepting the person completely. Being in love is knowing their flaws and imperfections but still giving your whole heart to them anyways.

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    When you love someone, you have no doubts about it. You think about this person throughout most of the day and you miss them everytime you are away from them. You accept everything about this person and you see no negatives. You would do anything to help this person out.

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    Well you can normally tell if you are in love with someone if you have the following reactions:

    1. Bubbly feeling everytime you see him

    2. you r to embarrassed to talk to him

    3. you act stupid around him

    4.all you can think about is him

    5. you stare off into space about him

    6. you cant take your eyes off him

    those are the main things that you can tell if you are in love with someone

    hope this helps!!!!

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    if all you can think about is that person, and if you always feel good around them, then you might be in love. hope that helps :)

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    Hey yeah. ......well if you always want to be with them and when your not with them or not talking to them you get sad cause you miss them and the biggest one is you can't seee your life without them

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    Believe me you will know....since you're asking this question..that means that you are....congrats I hope he is all that you want and need :-)

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    Sometimes you just know.

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