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Anonymous asked in Society & CultureMythology & Folklore · 1 decade ago

What is the real December birth stone?

What is the real December birth stone? I thought is was turquoise, then found out it’s blue topaz. Someone said it is Zircon? (whatever that is) I’m turning 16, and getting a birthstone ring, but need to know what stone it is! What is December’s stone?

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    According to Wikipedia: December's birthstones are turquoise, lapis lazuli, zircon, topaz (blue), or tanzanite. So I guess Take your pick, lol. I would pick the one you like best, sense you have a choice, though according to most of the sites I found, Blue Topaz is the main and the others are alternates.

    December Birthstone : Blue Topaz

    Birthstone Color: Blue

    As cool and inviting as a blue lake on a blistering summer day, December's birthstone is derived from the Sanskrit word "tapas," meaning fire. This is because Blue Topaz was considered by ancient civilizations to have cooling properties. Not only was it believed to cool boiling water when thrown into the pot, but to calm hot tempers as well! This gemstone was credited with many other healing powers, among them the ability to cure insanity, asthma, weak vision and insomnia. The Blue Topaz was even thought to have magical properties in its ability to make its wearer invisible in a threatening situation.

    Blue Topaz is the hardest of the silicate minerals. While pure Topaz is colorless, minor changes of elements within the stone result in a variety of other colors, such as blue, pale green, red, yellow and pink.

    The blue hue is created when Topaz is heated, whether the heat source is natural or engineered by man. The three shades of Blue Topaz are Sky, Swiss and London Blue. The latter is the deepest blue and is often used as a less expensive substitute for Sapphire.

    Topaz is found primarily in Brazil, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Mexico, Pakistan, China, and the United States.

    A gift of Blue Topaz is symbolic of love and fidelity. Luckily, this cool blue gemstone has no legendary power to put out the burning flame of love!

    Alternate Birthstone

    An alternate birthstone for December is the Turquoise. So named because it was initially brought to Europe by way of Turkey, this stone is one of the first gems to be used in jewelry. Turquoise was considered by ancients to be a sacred stone, protective against all manners of evil and ill health. This beautiful gemstone is mined in Iran and the southwestern United States. A gift of Turquoise represents friendship and luck.


    Topaz is the birthstone of November (Yellow Topaz) and December (Blue Topaz). Blue Topaz is the anniversary gemstone for the 4th year of marriage.

    For the Egyptians topaz was a very powerful amulet against harm, because they believed that topaz was a gemstone colored with the golden glow of the mighty sun god Ra. The Romans associated topaz with Jupiter, who also is the god of the sun. Legend has it that it dispels all enchantment and helps to improve eyesight.

    The ancient Greeks believed that it had the power to increase strength and make its wearer invisible in times of emergency. Topaz was also said to change color in the presence of poisoned food or drink. It was said to cure insomnia, asthma, and hemorrhages.

    Topaz sometimes has the amber gold of fine cognac or the blush of a peach and all the beautiful warm browns and oranges inbetween. Some rare and exceptional topaz are pale pink to a sherry red.

    The most famous topaz is a giant specimen set in the Portuguese Crown, the Braganza. There is also a beautiful topaz set in the Green Vault in Dresden, one of the world's important gem collections.


    Brown, yellow, orange, sherry, red and pink topaz is found in Brazil and Sri Lanka. Pink topaz is found in Pakistan and Russia. Today we also have blue topaz, which has a pale to medium blue color created by irradiation. Pale topaz which is enhanced to become blue is found in Brazil, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, and China. In early 1998, a new type of enhanced topaz made its appearance, the surface-enhanced topaz, with colours described as blue to greenish-blue or emerald green. Blue topaz has become a popular alternative in recent years for those who prefer faceted stones.

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    December Stone

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    This Site Might Help You.


    What is the real December birth stone?

    What is the real December birth stone? I thought is was turquoise, then found out it’s blue topaz. Someone said it is Zircon? (whatever that is) I’m turning 16, and getting a birthstone ring, but need to know what stone it is! What is December’s stone?

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    There have been many different sets of birthstones used throughout history and in different cultures. In 1912, in an effort to standardize them, the American national association of jewelers, Jewelers of America, officially adopted the following for December.

    Modern Birthstone - Turquoise, Blue Topaz

    Alternate - Lapis Lazuli or Tanzanite

    Traditional Birthstone - Zircon, Ruby

    (also: Mystical Birthstone - Onyx)

    Tanzanite was added to December by the American Gem Trade Association in 2002. Most organizations do not recognize tanzanite as a December birthstone, however.

    Personally, I say get whichever stone you like - "birthstone" or not.

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    The stones you listed are all right, according to the source you look at. But if you want the most modern stone for December I can make a suggestion for you. Tanzanite . Bet you are wondering what is that? Tanzanite was discovered in 1967. It has a unique violet-blue to blue color that only Ceylon sapphire and iolite come close to matching, with red-violet flashes. Tanzanite ranks a respectable 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs' scale, but loose stones and jewelry like rings and bracelets need to be treated with care to prevent damage. Tanzanite is only found in one place in the world, Tanzania, and the continued availability of tanzanite is uncertain, which increases its rarity and its price.

    My b-day is also in December and I own a few pieces of it. Earrings, a ring and a loose stone. The choice is yours in the end, do some research and learn a little about the stones and find the one right for you.

    go to to see what I am talking about. They have something for everyone in every price range.

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    Decembers Birthstone

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    What determines a "real" birthstone? We only associate certain stones with certain months because of tradition...theres nothing particularly decembery about turquoise! Turquiose and zircon are the two stones I generally see associated with December. (I'm a December baby too) Zircon is a blue gemstone. I have only heard of blue topaz being used once or twice. Pick whatever you like.

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    It's Blue Topaz.

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  • aisha
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    Turquoise, blue topaz and the lab grown blue cubic zirconia--all are used ofr December.

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