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Why do people say we are 'designed' to eat meat?

Funny thing is, it's the self-proclaimed 'scientists' who say this. Any scientist worth his or her salt knows that nothing natural was 'designed'. Living beings evolved from accidental mutations and natural selection. The human body adapted to digest meat more efficiently than a cow or ape. Unless the human body loses its capacity to digest vegetable matter, there is no biological reason to eat meat. The same thing goes for our canine teeth. They evolved as a response to increased meat eating and are not a reason to eat meat. Cause and effect should not be mixed up.


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    I never understood why vegans/vegetarians refuse to consume meat. That was until my college professor explained how an artery clogs, which leads to a heart attack. Meat-eaters who say we are designed to eat meat probably do not understand the health benefits of such a diet. Vegans/vegetarians are much better off not eating meat because they aren't the ones having heart attacks.

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    LOL.. There are theories on everything under the sun & just as many views.

    I agree with your statements!

    I do not beleive we have evolved/adapted to eat flesh or we would be healtier on that diet.

    Humans can survive eating animal flesh but they THRIVE of eating a Plant based diet.

    There is a huge difference between the 2.

    I after much study am a firm believer the human body was made to consume a planted based diet. Healthy studies though out the world show the benefits. We have the physiology, teeth, stomach acid etc for a plant based diet. Most ill health is caused by too much of what we get on a flesh based diet, cancers, heart problems, immune diseases. All that over & over have been stopped & sometimes totally reversed on a plant based diet. Dr. John McDougall & Dr. Dean Ornish are just 2 that have shown wonders in healing those & many other health issues by changing their patients to that way of eating.

    Slainté(to your health)

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    I was also "designed" to father a child at age 11. Doesn't mean its right, does it ?

    Maybe we did evolve to have an omnivore diet. I could understand this argument if the rest of the process was "natural". There is nothing natural about the meat industry so its a bit selective to use the "its natural" reason to eat meat.

    Whiel we have the comemrcial meat industry, the "its natural" arguement is irrelavent.

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    So what you're really asking is why do people believe God made us? Because that's not what's at the top of the page, see? That's a different question altogether.

    Now to answer your original question (you know, the one at the top). Most creatures are omnivores. Not all of them, but an awful lot. We can eat meat, we eat it just fine. We benefit from it, too, with protein, iron, and other goodies like that being in there. I know we can get the same benefits from vegetables and grains and legumes as well (and without all the cholesterol), but meat is there for eating, too. Animals eating animals is normal, why not humans eating animals? I think we probably are most efficient on a plant-based diet as well, but supplemented with meat. It just isn't unnatural for us to eat flesh.

    As an aside (totally arguing for you here), have you noticed that animals all pretty much know what to eat when they're born? I know their parents sometimes show them what to stay away from and stuff, but they pretty much know... and we don't. I tried to eat gravel as a child! We don't know which plants are safe, we think broccoli is poisonous because it's icky, but meat, now that's something we "know" we're supposed to eat. Yeah, since when have we been able to trust that instinct?

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    It's a matter of opinion. Some of the folks who say "designed" are creationists and don't believe in science anyway.

    I think is a pointless argument. Were people "designed" to wear clothes, drive cars, work in offices, shave, wear makeup, deodorant, take baths, etc? Does anyone not wear glasses or hearing aids even though they need them because we weren't "designed" that way? Maybe some people do that, but it's likely they live in a third world country, are incredibly poor, or have unusual beliefs.

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    I'm sure they are using that term loosely. Humans can digest meat, but I don't know that we are designed to do so. Goats can digest tin cans but they aren't necessarily designed to.

    Edit: I meant that most humans are able to digest meat.

    Edit: OK wrong about the tin cans. My point was that sometimes animals and people eat things that are not a part of their ordinary diet but that doesn't mean they were necessarily designed to eat it.

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    I believe that we were made to be vegetarians originally therefore we will not be missing anything by not eating meat. I'm a creationist but you don't have to be one to agree with me. Meat takes a long time compared to other foods to digest.... I do not think that we digest it pretty efficiently.

    That's just a bad argument ! If people want to criticize vegetarianism they need some new arguments!

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    Has nothing to do with design, but, everything to do with taste buds. Some people like meat and some people do not. Just a matter of taste and choice, nothing more. I wish everyone would stop eating meat, then Bacon and Rib-eye steaks be cheaper for me. :-p

    I do want to add this, many talk about their health and that a choice we all make too. My Grandmother ate Bacon, Chicken, Pork etc., and she did die ............. at 103.

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    I know its not a valid argument over whether to eat or not to eat tasty meat, but it is more valid than denying science and saying humans are not adapted to eat meat, like what PETA does.

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    that's because they're designed to be stupid.

    i haven't digested meat in ages.... i'm very healthy and actually i'm healthiest person i know so far.

    everyone else... well let's just say they keep telling me to do as i really want and live a happy (but sometimes short) life.. by people who "do as they want" but they're not very happy.... they complain they're tired and have to go see the doc and the hot weather bothers them and they wish they had more energy... blah blah.. headaches... but they preach to me that i should live and love and... eat my meat and all that...

    but seems i'm the only one who doesn't complain... i am happy, i live and love...

    i don't miss meat... food is not something i live to do.. it's something i do to live.


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