What is Italy known for?

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    Art, culture, food, great fun people (and unfortunately we are also known for some bizzarre government issues)

    Great place to visit (and, depending on where you are, to live in) with beautiful art, beautiful nature and beautiful people.

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    Italy Is Known For

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    I live in Italy and it's not the first time I hear that... but I still wonder what they refer to :) The only sex related real reasons Bologna may be known for, could be the porn fair "Erotica", that was held there between 1992 and 1994 and was at the time very popular, the real start of this trend in Italy. Or the habit, especially during erotic comedy movies of the 70s, to depict the "typical prostitute" as a women with a Bolognese accent.

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    got something for the list allready done.

    Operas and singers.

    NUTELLA. The chocolate bread spread.

    But, writing a list that long, wanting it to be correct, one should do research!!!

    Tomatoes do not come from Italy in the first place!! They were introduced from the Americas in the 16th century!!

    What is Italy also known for:

    Locals walking around with sun glasses even it is raining like hell.

    Being the worst tourist in Europe (15.000 European hotels were asked to give a list on the most horrible tourists, and which country they are from. Italians number one)

    Being most complicated when it comes to international banking and losing most of its international credibility due to too much bank and finance crime, not being controlled by the government.

    Source(s): Travel journalist in italy right now.
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    Italy is known for soooo many things, because it is frankly, amazing.

    Rome contains the Coloseum, Vatican City (astounding, btw), and all the historic sites, such as The Forum (actual city where ancient Romans lived.

    The leaning tower of Pisa, wine, vineyards, Venice, (city built on water, Gondolas), pizza, fashion, and many, many incredible things.

    Btw, I went there not too long ago, and it is the most amazing country I have EVER been too.

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    Let's see: Venice (the city with all the canals), Rome (the capital, which also contains The Vatican, which is where The Pope lives), Florence (MAJOR tourist and fashion hub), the history surrounding the Roman Empire, a lot of architectural and artistic marvels that came out of The Renaissance, and of course, some of the best food on the planet.

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    As Adrian said, Bologna is known for 1. Their food 2. They have the oldest university 3. Oral sex

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    Depends on the part of the country you are in all of the country is known for pasta and pizza. Naples is known for the first pizza, and pompii, beaches. florence and tuscany area for wine, leather, gold, wild boar, Venice csytsal and glass, lace, Milan for designer stuff. What part of the country are you looking at.

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    it's known for its pasta, its pizza, (its food in general really...and trust me, there's a reason :)), it's known for it's sunny places, friendly people with backward lifestyles (kind of stereotypical), for its Sicilian mafia and its great explorers like Columbus and Vespucci. Unfortunately its also known for its fascist period under Mussolini, and in its change of sides in the middle of both the 1st and 2nd World wars. It's known for its soccer and 'playboy' men, hairy women (NOT TRUE ONCE AND FOR ALL!!), and super star stylists like Armani, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci and so on.

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