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the word "love"mean ................?


love means ...................

when some one say to you "i love you" your reaction is ...........................................

when you fall in love the most thing you can do .........................

when the you realy love hurt you , you ..................................

mmmm thats enough and i advice you by doing your homework at school and don't think much about my questions lol

ok bye

i forgot to say i loooooooooooooooove you all



plz staaaaaaaaaaar

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    the love is something u feeling it in your hurt and u can't tell ather what u feeling in it because it is bigger than any words

    e.g ican't tell u what i feeling forword u and your sister if i say love you until die it will never eangh

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    Different translations of the bible would suggest love and charity are synonmus. Examples found in.1st Corrinthians ch. 13 vs. 1-17 illustrate this many times. I would enjoy hearing from a scholar of the languages used in those past times to clarify my understanding. The story of the "World's Poorest Philanthropist", Gilbert "Harold" Ewing II (myself) is the reason for this querry. The " act of grace", or charity, reffered to in the news interview, has posited this question and I lack the sort of education to provide any insights of true value.

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    Love means ... to give without expecting to receive.

    Love means ... to forgive and to forget the pain received.

    When somebody says "I love you" I feel happy and answer "I love you too".

    When I fall in love I give my heart completely.

    When my beloved hurts me I forgive.


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    Think others as yourself

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    Love is the wonderful feeling a person has about everything else (and even himself too) is too big to discuss in one sentence....

    When someone says "I love you" to me I say, "I love you too" :D....I cannot hate someone who loves me....

    When I fall in love the most important thing I can do is make sure that the person I love does not get hurt or fall in any trouble because of my love...

    When the one I love hurts me, I forgive the person....How else could I love the person if I dont forgive that person...

    When I love someone, I love the person for all my it a friend, relative or any other

    God Bless

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    Love means to give your l life for another person. ... agape love. That's Christ love. Love for a spouse is the same and you put them above everyone and everything except God.

    Love is a choice as well. The love for a child is to care for him, protect him, & love without conditions.

    Love is very misused & there are 4 or 5 different kinds of love according to the Greek. Look them up, that would give you the best explanation. Hope this helps. :-)

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    * Love means............. Elevation of senses and passions through your feelings and emotions towards the one your heart has chosen !!

    *Someone say " i love you" my reaction is........... from my friends who are girls i'm so happy and i really appreciate it, but from a man i've never heard it yet , still i couldn't describe how my state will be, but "at least" i'll be overjoyed !!

    *When fall in love the most thing you can my case is to express this love in emotions and poetry !!

    *When the one i really love hurts me................ for a while, i'll collapse, but sooner i'll get over it and have control over my emotions (and still my poetry will be the case here as well) !!

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    love means when you see family or some one you love is around you an you feel happieness then thats love...

    when some one say to you "i love you" your reaction is a BIG smile on my face,,,, unless idk you an you said that to me then i would act like i have no clue who you are..

    when you fall in love the most thing you can do is love back

    when you realy love hurt you , you feel hurt inside.

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    Ang LOVE hindi pinipili,hindi dapat pag laroan dahil hindi ito laroan ,kaya para sa akin ang love ay kosa itong dadating sa bohay mo ng hindi mo alam!


    #wag paglaroan

    #hogot!pa more

    by:the way I am LEAH MAY DELAPENA

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    endearment, action

    depending on there sincerity, my grand children i love you too!

    take the time to learn more about that person

    i am devastated but i do value love. Falling out of love is not an option. But loving some will not mean that i will allow someone to hurt me so that i would not recent them

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    love means two things love maybe evrything in life that we live 4 its the duty to live its a nature thing in human's heart and it maybe suffering tears fears or evn revenge

    when someone say 2 me i love u my heart will be statefied if this is my lover who says it if someone else loves me i i didn't recagonized except by this word i would say with shyness of cours bgad???!!!!! mmmmmmm really i don't know hard questions :-) amazing

    i think eye contact taked a good place in that love maybe my actions tongue tight lol

    when my love hurts me i would feel lonely, sad , depressed but i must sacrifice

    love is cute suffering my dear

    w7shaaaany mooooooooooooooot slammmmmzzzzzz

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