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am a girl aged 18 and i weigh 53.am 1, 59 cm tall, is that normal for an 18 year?

am being teazed at school coz of that. please help me


i mean is it normal that am 1,59 cm or am shorter than my age?

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    You should weigh 49. You calculate it like this: your height: 1.59 (59-10=49). I'm 1.70 tall and I should weigh 60. That's how it works. I'm sure you look just fine, usually you need to lose weight when you're more than 5-8 over the limit. So you would need to loose weight if you gain 2-3 more kilos. Your weight is just fine, don't worry:)

    Source(s): My doctor taught me how it is calculated
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    Sounds thin. Check with your doctor.

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