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can you give me information about TAIWAN(like the agriculture, mining, tourist's spot, taipei 101, culture, religion, just any thing about taiwan)

please help me

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    Taiwan is a so called self-independence "nation" which is situated East of People's Republic of China. Tai means platform and wan means curve. Taiwan's capital city is Taipei. Taiwan houses the most northern tropical rain forest in the world, called Hongshulin, which means red tree forest. Taiwan's also houses the largest National Park in Asia which

    is mostly located in its city itself, located in Taipei City to Taipei County and it's called Yangmingshan. It's named after a person called Wang Yangming, a Ming dynasty scholar and his name means as bright as the sun. (Wang is his Surname or family name, which means King. Yang means sun and Ming means bright, hence the meaning).

    In Taipei, Taipei 101 is the most famous as its the most tallest building from late 2006 to Mid 2007. It's located at the Hsinyi district in Taipei, near World Trade Centre Tower 2. Breeze Centre is also a good shopping centre. The area around World Trade Centre Tower 1 is also good. If you like hippy items, go to Hsimen Ding for both cheap and upscale shops. The underground mall of Taipei Main Station is also worth the try. The Tienmu area is also worth the try, especially if you are a westerner or Japanese. All place is accessible by MRT, it's subway , offically called Taipei Metro, except Tienmu area which you need to transfer from Shilin MRT Station, bus 252 (Dah Shing Company) can get you to Takashimaya Shopping Centre.

    In Taipei lots of sightseeing places to go, the most famous is the National Palace Museum, which houses lots of historical and valuable artifacts. The Martyr's Shrine is also worth the visit, especially the changing of the guard ceremony.

    If you like hot spring, Peitou area is quite nice and there are three great museum that you can visit. One is the Kaidagelan Cultural Museum, where you can learn about the Taipei's oldest inhabitant, the Kaidagelan tribe. It's is so honoured that even the road that leads to the president house in Taiwan is named after this tribe. Two is the Peitou Hot spring Museum, which is all about Hot springs in Taiwan. The Third is the Aborigines Art Culture Centre, which says its all. The hot springs is this area is well famous and there are a few good hot spring houses for you actually dip into it. The surrounding area has also houses a park and if you are able to walk afar, you can even walk all the way to Yangmingshan.

    Traveling around Taiwan is by far the best is by train. Its normally clasified into four classes. 1st class train called Tze Kiang, which means self-strength. 2nd class its called Ju Kwang, which means laurel light. 3rd class its called Fu Hsing, which means to restore. 4th class is called pu kuai, which means normal fast speed. Its has four main lines, Northen line, Southern Line, Western line and the scenic and serene Eastern Line. The western line is the most popular and crowded line which serve between Keelung and Kaohsiung., which is subdived into hill route via Taichung and sea route.

    The cities in Taiwan are Keelung, Taipei, Panchiao, Taoyuan, Hsinchu, Taichung, Tainan, Kaohsiung, Fengshan, Taitung, Hualien, Toucheng and Ilan, amongst others.

    If you need more information, you can contact me. I'm glad to assist you with all I can.

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    25% of tthe 101 is financed by a company that sold Gutter Oil in Taiwan.

    Gutter Oil is highly cancerous and it makes you dumb.

    I stayed in Taiwan for half a year and I cannot distinguish which food contains gutter oil, neither can the taiwanese.

    The shocking facts was that nobody cared about gutter oil although it has so many horrible effects on your health.

    Maybe the reason is because this food scandal exists in Taiwan since the 60ies.

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    Taiwan is No 1 place where they speak and understand Japanese language.

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    I have been living in Taiwan for almost two years. It has been an incredibly rewarding experience for me. You have so many opportunities here as a Westerner.

    For example, this month I am interviewing the director of the movie: Taiwan Beyond Beauty. This was a major motion picture appearing in all of the major movie theaters here. All I did was e-mail him and he was more than willing to do it.

    If you want to hear more of my stories about Taiwan, you can follow my blog:

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    If u desire the capital city of Taiwan... its TAPEI so a good distance as i understand of that's modern-day in Asia continent. properly desire its no longer the capital letter u meant the different case it will be T. heheh

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    Thats a lot to answer. You can check out these sites:

    Most Links are in the website below:

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    Try the CIA world factbook.

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    You like exclamation marks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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