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how safe are electric dog fences?

Considering buying a dog and installing an electric fence.Are they safe for the dog to be zapped? Also what if there is a power failure?I have about 1/4 acre for the dog to roam so how much would that cost to install?

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    You might consider a range collar instead. You don't have to run the line that way. It is simply an electric collar with a device you sit inside your home. IT has a range, so if your dog goes further than a certain number of yards or feet he gets a slight shock. I have never used on, but one of my son's has it on one of his big pyrs.

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    That is something I would never do. Use electricity to train a dog. It is not necessary. Just put up a fence. It will end up costing you less than a electrical line that keeps shorting out. If the dog runs past or over the wire he will get a little shock as he goes over it & he's gone. or another dog can enter your yard & chew up your dog & there is nothing to stop him from doing so. Every house on my street has at least a 6 foot high fence, some are just chain link while others are block or wood. & there is at least one dog behind every fence. I have just three right now & usually keep 5. Don't just put it off, put up a good fence. Old saying, "A good fence makes for good neighbors."

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    Why do you need to buy an electric fence?? Is this to protect your property or to stop the dog roaming off your property?? If it is the latter why not just a higher fence?As for is it safe for a dog to be 'zapped'? I guess the obvious answer would depend on the voltage of the fence...consider electric fences primarily used for cattle and at some zoos, the size of these animals is significantly larger than most breeds of dog. I feel rather uncomfortable even considering this to be honest with you and as for the advice of an electric collar...please please DON'T.

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    don't kno about the cost. u could cheapen it by buying a collar that zaps the dog when it wonders outside of a set of posts, rather than you having to buy a ton of posts to support the line, only to find the dog can jump over it :P.

    anyways, fences are safe, the collar is safer. it does hurt, and you want to be there when they first experience it so that they don't freak out, and you can show them wat to do when it starts zapping.

    as for power failure, you'll need a back-up if this is a problem. most dogs will avoid the area once they know what happens, so power failures aren't generally a problem.

    dog zappers are considered cruel by quite a few ppl, and they do hurt, so make sure you've exhausted any other options, like building a kennel, or a real fence for the dog.

    good luck

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    I do have a problem with invisible fencing (shock fencing). It allows other dogs to come into your dog's territory, do its business on your dog's yard and leave. It also allows dogs and people to physically get to your dog. The only positive thing that I see with them is that this type of fencing is often successful in keeping a dog in his own yard. I have also seen some dogs take the shock and cross them. I agree with the other responder that said it may traumatize the dog enough where, if he crosses the boundary, he won't cross it to come back home. It doesn't offer your poor guy any physical protection as other fencing would and it doesn't protect his physical territory for every other animal using its yard as a bathroom. I know they are more reasonable in price than other sorts of fencing and I think the reason is obvious.

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    Depends partially on the breed.. but mostly on pray drive.. Any type of hound is pretty much out of the question.. if they see/smell anything that catches their interest they won't even notice the shock.. (even if they were trained to avoid it already) but, as already mentioned once they cross it, they will most likely NOT cross it again to get back in..

    and when the power goes out it would stop working..

    Once again, as already stated, the fence would not keep other animals/children/etc. out.. so, you'd still have to worry about the potential for someone to steal the dog.. or for the dog to attack someone/thing on your property.. (or in turn, for the dog to be attacked by someone/thing)

    Youtube thumbnail

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    In the second one the dog still gets out.. and in the third one a guy runs through with 2 shock collars on, and it doesn't do ANYTHING until he comes back..

    These are really just a waste of money.. not to mention, judging by the reactions of the PEOPLE.. these are very painful

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    I see dogs behind those electronic fences and they seem perfectly happy. On the other hand I've also seen dogs constantly crossing the line, apparently not afraid to take a "hit". I suppose it depends on the breed. Terriers don't do well with them - been there. Have you considered a dog run?

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    depends on your intelligence of the dog itself.

    if your dog gets zapped it shouldn't hurt(unless its a baby) and he should stop trying.

    If he keeps trying after like the (4-5 time) he will get slightly hurt, and possibly worse.(I mean 4-5 times in a row nonstop because I've seen some persistent dog)

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    I just wouldn't.

    1. your dog can accidentally cross the "fence" and will be quite hesitant to come back.

    2. all "outside" animals are free to come in

    There are other ways, and I don't mean a chain.

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