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A Composition (suggest me some ideas and points) 15marks!!!

A Speech

Question: Your school is holding a “Health Education Week”. As the chairman of the Student Union, you have to give a speech during the kick-off ceremony. So write the speech to promote the importance of the health to students.

Please suggest me at least 4 points for me to support the importance of health to students.



Quick for the answer, pls, tonight~

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    1. To maintain a strong body to study.

    2. To have a healthy mind.

    3. so that we wont easily get sick.

    4. so that our parents wont need to worry about us.

    5. to process all the activity held in school.

    6. to handle the problems, pressures and challenges that we will face in our school life/ daily life.

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    真欣賞你的效率 果頭TIGER先叫你作文.


    提提你吧. 聽日交唔到可會冇分的哦

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