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please help.. please?

does anyone know of any christian crisis hotline numbers???? please help.. please.. i am in the US


gaillee01 thank you a lot... if you check this question again, I have emailed you

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    Oh my. I wish I did know a hotline for you but, I do not! I do know that many pastors/ ministers will talk with you. You might try this.

    In the meantime, know that I felt your urgency when I read this question. It really stirred my soul! I want you to know thta I may not have a hotline for crisis for you, but, I do have a hotline, through prayer, with God. You are NOT alone as I am going to stand with you, through prayer.

    Please, if you need to talk, I would love to talk with you, pray with you, or...simply listen! God bless you and may He guide you in all your ways! I will not stop praying! You can count on this!

    Source(s): Loving Prayer Warrior
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    National Youth Crisis Hotline:

    (800) HIT-HOME

    Domestic Violence Hotline:

    (800) 369-2287

    Suicide Prevention (You'd have to request a Christian counselor):

    (800) 273-TALK

    Depression Hotline:

    (800) 448-3000

    Precious - what kind of Crisis Hotline are you seeking? Hit that little pencil icon and let us know.

    Edit: Here are some additions:

    A Website listing many different kinds of Hotline numbers: (800)656-HOPE


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    Hotline right me and I will be on the hotline to heaven for you! God knows exactly where you are and how to help you. Praying for you right this minute!

    † On-call Prayer Warrior †

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    You have a hotline right here!!

    I'll pray for you!!

    God Bless

    † New Mission Prayer Warrior †

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    1-800-656-HOPE (4673). The hotline operates 24 hours a day 7 days ...

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    May the Lord Jesus Christ Richly Bless You and Surround you with His warrior angels to push back the powers of Darkness. We are praying!

    † Deliverance Prayer Warrior †

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    Are you Hurting? Call 1-800-NEW-LIFE

    There are two ways you can contact the HopeLine:

    Call 1-800-394-HOPE to talk with a trained staff member.

    Click here to chat with a trained staff member at

    Source(s): New Life Ministries and Dawson McAllister
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    You are being prayed for my friend- Thank God for the internet!!

    † EveryDay Prayer Warrior †

    Source(s): Shalom to you ALL!!
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    Father in the name of Jesus forgive this person of all sin in the name of JESUS...Father in the name of Jesus be with them during this trying time in there life..Send them the help that they need..Touch them to join a prayer group of people who will pray with them, and who would apreciate having them as part of us on a continuous Jesus name we pray..amen and amen

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