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i need help pls...?

i have a pit and i dont know what to name him...can someone pls give me any names?he's a red nose pit bull.brown.thanks


those names are cute..but my dog is a boy.

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    Dogs respond best to names to have an e or ie sound on the end. My dogs name is Grizzly (as in Grizzly bear). But often I call him Grizzee. He is a Pomeranian, but I'm sure a bigger dog would like that name as well.

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    Sorry I didn't know the dog was a boy, I should have read it better. Here’s a list of boy names.






    Diego (I love this name)

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    Tyson or Pantera ??

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    goliath or thor or some big god or creeature name

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    Name Him "DIESEL" that was always one of my favorites...

  • duke

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    sundance :)

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