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Last year at my school we had a spelling bee and I got out on my first word like many other people. Yesterday at school we got the packet with all the info. and the spelling bee will be held in January I already began studing, what are some good strategies for studing or learning the words easier? Thanks for all you Help!

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    1. Write your spelling words with a crayon. Trace over each word again with another color. Now trace each word one more time with another color. Do not use black or brown.

    2) Write the words on someone's back (and vice versa.)

    3) Write the words in sand, dirt, bubbly bath water, whipped cream, shaving cream, etc..

    4) Write the words in the air.

    5) Make flashcards to study and review.

    6) Modeling clay writing - Flatten the clay and use a pencil to "write" a spelling word in it. Smooth over the clay for the next word.

    7) Write the words with colored chalk on black construction paper.

    8) Use your spelling words to write sentences.

    9) Make a word search.

    10) Have Mom or Dad scramble your spelling words for you to unscramble.

    11) Write the words in ABC order.

    12) Cut your spelling words out of a magazine or newspaper.

    13) Write your spelling words. In each word color all the short vowels yellow. Color all the long vowels blue. Color all the blends green.

    14) Draw pictures of your spelling words.

    15) Play a game of Hangman using spelling words.

    16) For a real challenge, use the letters of the spelling words to make sentences. For example: "storm" Susan tasted only red marshmallows.

    17) Cut a picture from a newspaper or a magazine and use spelling words to write a story about a picture.

    18) Use a spray bottle and spray the word onto the sidewalk.

    19) Look at a spelling word, say it out loud, cover it up, remember how the word is spelled and write it out. Check your answers.

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    Try to learn them phonetically, that way you can sound them out when you need to spell them.

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