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Anonymous asked in Home & GardenDo It Yourself (DIY) · 1 decade ago

Alarm Systems or Home Security Camera Systems?

Which is better? Alarm Systems or Home Security Camera Systems?

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  • Kris D
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    1 decade ago
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    Id say alarm system. That can be tied into the smoke alarm as well as detect motion, glassbreak, doors and windows. Plus you can have that monitored 24/7 and call the police fire dept or medical services. A camera system will only allow you to view and/or record anything happening inside your home. You would be able to check it anytime from the internet but many new alarm systems can do that as well now.

    Source(s): Security system installer 5 years.
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  • 6 years ago

    It is really a personal preference.

    A home security camera system can be hooked up to a central monitoring station as well.

    If you are in a high crime area you should invest in both.

    Quality surveillance systems are expensive though.

    The systems you see on the internet for less than $500 are next to useless when it comes to identifying someone.

    On the other hand, a quality alarm system can be purchased for a fraction of that cost.

    The one thing to keep in mind is that criminals don't like to get caught. Which is why alarm systems with loud sirens usually will do the trick.

    Here is some information on alarm systems that you may find useful

    I hpe this helps.

    Ollie G

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  • 1 decade ago

    This is a bit like asking: "Which is better in a car, a seat belt, or an airbag?" They both provide protection, but do it in different ways. And they provide the best protection when both are used together.

    Alarm systems can detect an intrusion, notify the police and neighbors that an intrusion is occurring, and possibly scare the intruder off before he does much damage.

    Camera systems are generally used to provide documentation of what occurred "after-the-fact". For example, if someone broke into your home, you could look back upon the recorded images and possibly be able to identify the thief. If properly placed, cameras can also be used while you are home to observe what is going on.

    In my opinion, the average homeowner would be far better off with an alarm system than a camera system. There are many sophisticated things that can be done with cameras (remote monitoring of cameras from a security station, video motion detection, etc.) but these types of things cost far more than most home owners are willing to spend.

    Source(s): 35 years security industry experience.
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  • 1 decade ago

    It depends if someone is monitoring them. If no one is monitoring your video feed then you need at least a decent recording system that retains video for at least a month. If you have a home alarm system but it is not monitored then that isn't good either. So you definitely want to go with something that is monitored 24/7. I would choose alarm system because I am sure that security camera monitoring is expensive! Also an alarm system that has 2-way voice with the dispatch center will scare criminals away. You could also set up a internal feed of cameras just for youself. That also acts as a deterant to criminals. As soon as they see the camera they will walk away.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Alarm systems with outside contact or automatic phone

    contacts . Alarms without monitoring or phone doen't always get attention when the house is left empty and Camera systems don't see through disguises and if not online can be stolen . the key is keeping the system away from the perp.

    good luck I'm building my own with camera's online and telephone dialing upon break in.keep in mind also if camera are outside you won't see much unless motion detectors turn on your flood lights . And most crooks will go elsewhere if they see a warning sign beware of dangerous dogs.

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  • dawnb
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    1 decade ago

    You can have and choose whatever level of security systems you want to pay for, but my husband and I have only ever had a good monitored alarm system and it has worked very well for us. My husband is a real tech person but has never felt the need to add security cameras to our system. It's up to you and where you live and your level of need for security.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Home Security Camera System, I have two systems and there great, lets you see who's coming and going. I sleep a lot easier at night, knowing I can just look at the cameras and know what's out there.

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    Call Stealth Security & Home Theatre Systems, Inc. They give you more than security and their expert Professional will help you in choosing security camera systems and alarm systems in Chicago.

    Chris Corpolongo

    Stealth Security & Home Theatre Systems,Inc


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  • 5 years ago

    Both Alarm System and CCTV Camera has their own importantce, if we talk about the alarm system there are Burglar alarm, fire alarm and so on , I would say we should install this system at our home for our saftey system.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I'd say a combination of both alarm (loud audio AND silent) and home security cams. Today's cam lenses are smaller than a button---and can carry clarity up to 3 megapixels, making them effective and cleverly hidden.

    Audio alarm for when you're home w/ family; silent when you're out....and are taping the robber(s). Such video systems make for damming courtroom evidence and easily secure convictions--even if you have those legal notices posted, warning slug burglars of your home protection.

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