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Famous prisoners from San Quinteen?

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    List of Notable Prisoners of San Quentin:

    Notable inmates

    The San Quentin gas chamber originally employed lethal cyanide gas for the purpose of carrying out capital punishment. The chamber has since been converted to an execution chamber where lethal injection is used. Two chairs once sat where the restraining table is now located.Vincent Brothers - convicted and sentenced to death in the shooting and stabbing of 5 members of his family, including 3 children.

    Alejandro Avila - convicted of kidnapping and killing 5 year old Samantha Runnion.

    William Richard Bradford - convicted of two murders in the 1980s, the Los Angeles Police Department revealed in July 2006 that there is cause to believe he was a serial killer responsible for several murders in the 1970s and 1980s.

    Kevin Cooper - convicted and sentenced to death for the hatchet and knife massacre of the Ryen family.

    Tiequon Aundray Cox - sentenced to death in 1986 for the 1984 murders of four relatives of the former defensive back, NFL player Kermit Alexander.

    Richard Allen Davis - convicted of kidnapping and murdering Polly Klaas.

    Scott Erskine - convicted of killing Jonathan Sellers, 10, and Charlie Keever, 13.

    Richard Farley - convicted of killing seven of his co-workers and nearly killing another, a female co-worker whom he stalked after she rejected him.

    Ryan Hoyt - Associate of Jesse James Hollywood, convicted of the murder of Nicholas Markowitz

    Randy Kraft - serial killer who was convicted of 16 murders and suspected of 51 others.

    Mikhail Markhasev - convicted of killing Ennis Cosby, son of comedian Bill Cosby.

    Jarvis Jay Masters - convicted and sentenced to death for participating in the murder of prison guard Hal Burchfield.

    Michael Morales - convicted for the brutal murder of Terri Winchell

    Charles Ng - serial killer who tortured and murdered 11 people.

    Scott Peterson - convicted murderer of his pregnant wife, Laci and their unborn child, Conner.

    Richard Ramirez - serial killer known as "The Night Stalker"; convicted of killing 13 people.

    Morris Solomon Jr. - serial killer convicted of murdering 6 prostitutes in Sacramento.

    Cary Stayner - convicted murderer who killed 4 women in Yosemite, California.

    Marcus Wesson - convicted of killing nine of his family members.

    David Westerfield - convicted of kidnapping and killing 7 year old Danielle Van Dam

    Brandon Wilson - convicted in the 1998 slashing death of 9 year old Matthew Cecchi.

    [edit] Former

    Clarence Ray Allen - Convicted for ordering the strangulation of Mary Sue Kitts and the shotgun killing of Bryon Schletewitz and seven others (others were not killed). Executed on January 17, 2006.

    Edward Bunker - FBI most wanted fugitive who reformed and became an author and actor. Was sentenced at age 17, the youngest inmate at the time.

    Caryl Chessman - Convicted rape offender, was given the death penalty in 1948 and executed in 1960; the last man executed in the United States for a sexual offense that did not result in murder.

    Billy Cook - Murderer of Carl Mosser, his wife Thelma, their three small children and motorist Robert Dewey; he died in the gas chamber on December 12, 1952.

    Juan Corona - Convicted of killing 25 people and sentenced to life without parole. Transferred to Corcoran State Prison.

    Joseph Cosey - convicted of various crimes; known for document forgery from 1913-1940 of historical United States figures.

    Henry Cowell - American composer convicted on a "morals" charge in 1936.

    Mack Ray Edwards convicted child killer who committed suicide while on death row.

    Barbara Graham - Convicted murderess, executed in the gas chamber on June 3, 1955. Subject of the film I Want To Live starring Susan Hayward.

    Merle Haggard - The noted country singer, sentenced to 15 years time (he served 3 years) starting at age 19 for grand theft auto and armed robbery.

    Robert Alton Harris - The first person executed in San Quentin's gas chamber after the reinstitution of California's death penalty.

    Michael Wayne Hunter - Sentenced to death after the murders of his father and stepmother in 1981. Retried in 2002, sentenced to Life. Transferred to Salinas Valley State Prison.

    George Jackson - Member of the Black Panther Party, killed in San Quentin in 1971.

    Jang In-hwan - Korean independence activist who assassinated former American diplomat Durham Stevens in 1908[2]

    Charles Manson - Leader of the Manson family. Transferred to Corcoran State Prison in 1989. [1]

    S. S. Millard - Exploitation filmmaker

    Wallace Fard Muhammad - Founder of the Nation of Islam.

    Louise Peete - Convicted murderess, executed in the gas chamber on 11 April 1947.

    Abe Ruef - San Francisco political boss, for bribery

    Sirhan Sirhan - Assassin of Robert F. Kennedy. Has since been transferred to Corcoran State Prison.

    Danny Trejo - Actor.

    Stanley Tookie Williams - Convicted murderer & early leader of the Crips street gang. Author and cause celebre. Executed by lethal injection on December 13, 2005.

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    Famous prisoners from San Quinteen?

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    Richard Rameriz The Night Stalker

    Doug Clark The Sunset Striper

    Phillip Jablonski Serial Killer

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