Adjustment status pending, After I won case on court?

Inmigration case, Hello here is the story

I apply for adjust status since I am maried to american citizen (my wife). Then I have open case for removal of united states so my case of adjust status is pending at this moment. Last week I went to court and I won the case , the judge close the case on my favor, no removal proceedings are against me anymore he close everything on court.

Now How much longer do I have to wait for my adjustemt status to be finally aproved. Since inmigration were waiting for the judge decision on court. Now looks like everthing is clear and I only have the adjustment status pending how much longer . My adjustment status is pending since may 2007

Went to court last week september 26 and judge told me that he removed my deportation he wish me **** luck and told me no to worry there is no deportation against me anymore.


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    1 decade ago
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    If you were in removal before you applied for adjustment, you would have applied for adjustment of status before judge. The judge would have approved your case. There is nothing more to do. Look at your decision from the Judge it would mention that application is approved. Now you will have to go to Immigration to get some additional processing done and you will get your green card in the mail.

    However if you had applied for adjustment before getting into removal, then local immigration should have your application and schedule you for interview. you should find out what is the processing time for such cases in area where you live.

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    If you filed in May 2007, then i would guess the normal waiting time period will be observed depending on the state you live in and work case load.

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    Sure this is a real story too. If it is I hope you have a job and are not milking the system there mario.

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