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Which is faster? Road Bike or Mtn Bike?

May sound obvious, but the current record for mtn bike going downhill is 130.7mph! That's fast. Of course, a road bike cannot go on mountains, but if the road bike would go down a really steep paved slope, would it be able to beat this record?

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    Real good question. I have gone that fast on a motorcycle and they can become unstable at that high a speed and they are designed for it. The guy on the mountain bike was first off absolutely crazy, and lucky the bike didn't come apart or just lift off from the speed. A road bike is smoother riding and generally faster but at 130 mph there would be so very little rubber on the pavement I don't think anyone would be able to keep it straight. I would pay good money to watch someone try it though. Maybe you should call Ripley's , some fool might be crazy enough to try it.

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    Road bike for sure. Going down steep mountain really doesn't gage if the bike it faster. The record for a road bike is 167mph at bonneville, drafting. Again that means little.

    If you took 2 identical riders and raced on a smooth road the road bike would always be much faster. The main reason is the wheel and tire difference. If the MTB had shocks that would make it even slower. The added MTB weight would have a small effect but the better aero road bike position would have a substantial effect.

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    That's like asking if a Harley Davidson is fater than a Ducati 999R, and then citing 1/4 mile times from the dragstrip to support Harleys.

    In the REAL world, anyone can tell you that a Ducati will run circles around ANY Harley (or Buell), and road bikes are MUCH faster than mountain bikes.

    To equate your "special" conditions (like mountain bike riders with aero skinsuits going down a 45-degree slope on Mont St. Anne in France), we could get a "road bike" set up with a full fairing, perhaps recumbent-style, and have it follow a faired race car on a closed course?

    Kind of like THIS guy:

    152.2mph beats 130.7mph. Road bikes are faster.

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    That 130.7 speed was on a snow covered ski slope, so that's why it was a mountain bike. Road tires would have no traction.

    I heard of a streamlined recumbent bike that went 160 MPH down a 20 percent grade on a paved road, but the rider was afraid he'd blow his tires. It's not in the records because only FLAT ground speeds go in the records.

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    Asuming each bike is riding in their element, a road bike is a lot faster than a mountain bike.

    Maybe that record for downhill is on a very, very specific conditions, but overall a road bike will be a lot faster than a mountain bike.

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    the road bike is lighter..than the mountain would take a person with some serious set of skills and balls to do it...not me..

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    Road bike


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    Hmmm . .You could be right but I've heard guys tell me they can ride at 60mph on the flat, I just nod and take it with a pinch of salt!!!

    130.7mph must be terminal velocity surely, and if something was the same weight but more aerodynamic it would fall faster.

    Hey, I'm no aeronautical engineer but It sounds good eh?


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    The road bike hands down.

    I own both.

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    I would think so, less drag and a smoother ride.

    On the other hand 130.7 mph is really fast.

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