used car warranty?

my girlfriend recently bout a used car from a car dealership one of the buy here pay here places, within 2 months of her buying it it blew the radiator and head gasket and they are saying she is responsible cuz she didnt put water into it, but she did put water in it and the temp. reading never indicated it was running hot even when it was smoking, and now that she got it back its not running right.

Is there any options for her or is she going to be stuck with this car and the repair bill, the warranty says it cover if anything breaks

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    Usually the Warranty on a used car is for 30 days or 3000 miles, whichever comes first. It usually covers only the drive train, which is defined as internally lubricated parts of the engine, transmission and differential.

    The radiator may or may not have been covered, you would have to check the wording on the warranty that she received!

    If the radiator went bad, and she drove the vehicle hot. that would be abuse and not covered under the warranty! If the coolant level was low enough, the temperate gauge could have not worked.

    Read the warranty. Most likely she is going to have to pay for the repairs!!

    Source(s): 28 years in the auto business
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  • 3 years ago

    extraordinarily much all warranties offered, no count if for used or new autos, are pointless. a great share of the fee is for commissions for the individuals who offered them to you, and the dealership, from which to procure the vehicle. yet, in basic terms for the reason which you have a production unit guarantee, there are some issues that the prolonged guarantee will conceal that the production unit guarantee would not. production unit warranties frequently conceal thepersistent prepare, and not lots else, on an identical time as the prolonged guarantee would conceal products inclusive of window autos, electric issues, etc. there's no fraud right here, the broker in basic terms offered you a guaranty (that's presented to all people now-a-days), and you obtain it. shoppers be apologetic approximately would not equivalent broker fraud. make the different the guaranty, and turn it down the subsequent time it rather is presented. good success to you.

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    Unless the car came with a written warrantee, I suspect that she's out of luck.

    Also, once the coolant (which shouldn't be just water) level drops below the level of the sensor, the sensor stops getting a reading. This means that all cars will read between cool and normal when they are out of coolant, no matter what the actual temperature inside the engine.

    Good luck!

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  • 1 decade ago

    they are supposed to cover that ,this is what i have been trying to tell people when you have a warranty with a used car or you purchase a warranty you aways need to read the fine print really good,because they always have a way out on this,in this case they may pay for it,if not she will have to pay for it,if i was you id help her,and go talk with the people who sold her this car,and see if they would take it back in,and give her a good car,sometime,s you,d be surprised at what a good conversation can do,when worded right,they way it is,she may be stuck with this thing and it may never run right again,i basically think they might have taken advantage of her they often do this,stay with and help her fight it,she may get another car from it,good luck on it i hope she,s able to get this straitened out.

    Source(s): been a certified mechanic for 37 yrs.
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  • 1 decade ago

    best to act now and report to the better business bureau...

    I'm sure the warranty does not state that it will cover "anything" - make sure you read the fine print again

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