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    Hi, I am not a doctor but I feel so sorry about your situation. Your doctor is very unprofessional. I think you better see another doctor to get a second opinion and ask the new doctor to recommend you to the specialist if it is necessary.

    Sometimes swollen feet could be any reasons, for example:

    1) a condition of heart, liver or kidney problems (you probably is not as you have done the test).

    2) poor blood circulation,

    2) high blood pressure

    3) Diseases of the joints such as arthritis can also affect the joints of the ankle and foot, leading to swelling of the involved areas.

    sometimes, it could be also because of:

    - Taking birth control or hormone replacement therapy pills

    - Pregnancy

    - PMS (period)

    they all can cause fluid retention in certain area of the body. As I said you before, you better find another doctor to check.

    There are some ways that may help, it is no harm to try:

    1) put a pillow under you heels when you sleep.

    2) soak you feet in cool water. put some ice cubes inside the tub and if you can do some stepping motion, that would be even better.

    3) reduce salt intake...salt cause water retain (preferrable balance diet)

    4) If you are taking any medicine, you better ask your doctor if that is the reason that cause the swollen feet as every medicine have side effect.

    Hope you get well soon!

    Source(s): myselfs and research I done before
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    即係你曾經試過,但唔理都好返,咁就最好真係check check佢

    最簡單的方法,入醫全身檢查, 因為我有個朋友都試過咁腫,腫到行唔到



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    1. 腳腫.... 你會唔會之前拗柴, 整親隻腳呀...沒處理好....如是可能d筋生回的笆來的... 是沒得醫的.... 我之前看物理師說的.... 只好待他自己慢慢好一點.... :(

    2. 眼腫.... 不好咁偒心.... 6點後不好喝水.... 睡一覺好的.... 一二天便應沒事.....

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    腳腫-- 可使下用塩水, 浸腳

    眼腫-- 可用菊花放入熱水煮 10分鐘, 放涼 致溫水

    用毛巾沾上菊花溫水 ”夫”  眼

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    大家覺得我應該係咩事同埋點解決?幾耐消到腫下午 6点後勿飲水====晚上用枕頭將脚放上===去跑步先1星期=============然後去门診45元同医生講抽血化驗肝腎功能

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