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Student Loans?

I just read on here that with mortgages, if you pay more often (eg. two $600 payments per month vs. one $1200 payment per month), you decrease your interest. How does this work, and does it work the same for student loans?


I'm in the US, and these are "public" student loans... through the state student loan corporation.

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    Mortgages can be paid monthly, bi-weekly (once every two weeks, so example: every second Friday), semi monthly (1st and the 15th of each month), or weekly. If you opt for the biweekly option, this means there are some months that you make three payments due to the way the calendar falls. So, in the end, you end up making the equivalent of one extra monthly payment per year. What this means is that on an average mortgage of 25 years, it actually knocks the time down to 21 years and 4 months. On a loan, you don't have any penalties (usually) to pay extra on it, or pay it out early completely. You WILL save yourself interest in the long run, as it will be calculated on a lesser amount each month than it would have if you had not paid additonal onto the principle. The rate of interest the loan comes at, however, will not be different.

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    I think ya do. Student loans are the worst. I'm graduated and more then half my pay goes to stupid student loan payments. Interest is a Beeoch! Good luck to you.

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    It depends where in the world you are. What country are you getting your loan from?

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