Termites maybe covered by insurance?

We just found termites in one of our bedrooms yesterday and the we thought about contacting our insurance ocmpany. We tried reading through our policy and it was didn't seem to say whether or not this was covered (those things are so hard to understand). We called the insurance company and asked if this was covered. They said that they would have to come out and look into the damage and then they would tell us if it was covered or not. What is that all about?? So, can they come and see that it is too bad and say "oh, no sorry....we don't cover that". They explained that they see how long it has been going on and determine it from there and see if it has been going on a long time and whether we should have known about it. Of course we didn't know about it! We just found it while we were making repairs to a windowsill. Is it basically our word againsts theirs? Does any of that make sense?

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    Homeowners insurance rarely, I mean rarely, covers termite damage. In most cases that I have seen they only cover the damage if you have a swarm that enters by flight into your home. This usually happens when a termite colony has two queens and the termites grow wings to separate from the existing colony.

    For your future protection you may want to consider a termite repair bond.

    I'm looking at this from a contractors point of view where I have been paid from insurance companies to repair termite damage. You may want to ask this question in a different category as well. I'm sure there is probably a category that pertain to insurance coverage or law. If your home is less than a year old the builder, or termite treatment company, is required by law to repair the damage in most states.

    Oh yes I meant to tell you that most termite damage comes from formosa termites from the ground. They need a constant supply of water and usually have a tube or travel way from the wood they eat back to the ground for moisture.

    Sometimes you get what is called a suspended termite colony. This is a situation is where the termites get there water source without returning to the ground. I have never seen this particular problem covered by insurance. The termites get their water source from a leaky pipe, window leak, roof leak etc.. The insurance companies tend to call this neglect of proper maintenance of your home.

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    Damage from sudden and unexpected events typically is covered by homeowners insurance, termite damage is not. Since termite damage often can be prevented through proper maintenance, treatment and annual inspections, it cannot be classified as either sudden or unexpected. In fact, termites are active in every U.S. state, except Alaska. For these reasons, homeowners insurance typically covers neither termite treatment nor repair.

    In some cases, termite damage may cause collateral damage in a home. For example, an extensive infestation could lead a ceiling or wall to collapse. If electronics are damaged as a result of the structural collapse, those items may be covered under a homeowners insurance policy. However, the damage to the home’s structure likely will not be covered.

    Particularly in parts of the U.S. prone to high levels of termite activity, experts recommend homeowners purchase a termite bond. This document, which some homeowners refer to as “termite damage insurance,” is a contract between a homeowner and a termite control company that explains the company will provide regular termite inspections and treatment, as stipulated in the contract. The most comprehensive termite bonds guarantee the company will pay for retreatment and repairs for any future termite damage, if necessary. Termite bonds may have exclusions. Make sure you understand what is and is not covered by a termite bond - http://insripoffs.blogspot.tw/

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    i'd hate for you to use your insurance. Just because they are ruthless LOL

    they seem to want to raise your premium any chace they get!

    howver, if you have a home WARRANTY i kow of 2 brands but there may be others- America Home Sheild and can't recall th eother name right now.

    But I think they have pest/termite plans. And YES I NEED TO CALL. I have had a few days of swarming temite storms! yeah that bad.

    the warranty should help with the pests. As for the repair- if you can do it yourself it wil save you in the long run. insurance compaines are in the business to make money, not save your house.

    good luck

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  • lissa
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    4 years ago

    Thankyou for all the answers

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