American style comic art vs American Japanese style comic art?

HI! For English I have to write a 3 page argumentative essay. Well I was going write my essay on the controversy about mass vacinations and the mercury based preservent being the under lying cause of Autism but last min. I feel Its jsut to much for this short essay project and I'd like to write soemthing alittle more fun and playful.

I would love to try writing an essay on the conflict between Americans who draw in the American comic style and Americans who draw inspired by the Japanese comic style (manga).

It almost seems alittle war on here and i hear constant bickering about this subject. People also have strong thoughts on the subject.

I will refrance you and the ideas you express, in my essay.

I would like everything and all thoughts you have. Negative, Postive. How one side treats the other.

Is on style better then the other? Why? Why do you think theres such a controversy? Whats the Difference between the two styles ( Narrative, Drawing etc)? I could really use you help!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    Easy to use links that will help with all your research needs, try typing a keyword or two into the search engine and see what happens.

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  • Tera
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    4 years ago

    I agree with you.. comic art is by far more detailed and more diverse. But manga, though i do love it, has basically the same type of art although it does vary a little from manga to manga. another thing I like about comic art is that in almost every panel there is a detailed drawing showing characters, landscapes, etc. while manga sometimes has a character smack in the middle of a design background or just plain white background. comic book art seems to take longer and has more work in the process of making it

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  • Sketch
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    1 decade ago

    Good question and one I have thought and talked about quite a bit. I had a Japanese employee who was going to help me develop a promotional comic for our skateboard brand. Hookups are a brand of skateboard that relies heavily on the manga style of cartoon art. Me, being older and American, really don't like the idea of everyone adopting the same style of drawing. I am more interested in individual styles. This caused a disagreement between my employee and myself regarding the style the comic should take. I felt like I was fighting the anime style tooth and nail just to get what I was looking for. Each character concept kept coming back to me in anime style. She was an excellent drawer of that style but wasn't able to get beyond it. I know I may be old-fashioned, but I am sticking to my belief that art that is more original in style will be better than simply spitting out the same style over and over. I don't even like the manga style. Maybe that is my problem.

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