Are we snobs?

Americans have a reputation as being lazy arrogant snobs. And rightly so, in my humble American opionion. I'm wondering if this holds true in your part of the world.

Also we are constantly being bomarded by "news" about the antics of drunken/drugged pop starlets and former pro athletes on all of our national "news" outlets. Instead of actual news we get almost to the minute updates on which celebrity is pregnant/in jail/going to rehab/recently died of massive overdose of drugs while pregnant, on the way from jail to rehab. Is it this way everywhere, or are we Americans alone in our complete and utter disdain for whats actually happening in the world around us.

(So, no, I don't have very high regards for my fellow countrymen, what of it?)


Well I mean "we" by Americans, yes that means you genius, and who the hell is Bucky?

As for stones and glass houses.. . .well I reserve the right. And I'm not judging anybody, merely posing a question. Pompous a.s.s. There, now I've judged you.

Our turn? What?

As for working, does a 60 hour work week make you productive? You really think so?

Think again. Studies are coming out that the more individuals work, the less productive they become and the more money they cost thier company. (tired, maxed out workers screw up more, they also tend to go on phsycotic work place shooting sprees). And US cable and network news is a joke. A sad embarrasing joke.

My ignorant opionion? Not by a long shot.

Hip hip hooray for our leaders! If you arent mentally handicapped you'll have noticed that what we get spoon fed daily.

(ever heard of Fox news, or do you get cable in that cave?). Most of the other channels are more subtle, but no different.

It's what they choose not report

Update 2:

Yes, I know. My spelling is atrocious. As is my grammar and puntuation. Don't care. I'm right damnit!

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    I do agree with you for the most part; I am sick to death of hearing all the news about Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, etc. I DON'T CARE! Maybe if we could focus on what matters in this country it might be a better place.

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    Americans are not lazy. We work more than any other nation besides Japan, and last year Americans were considered the most productive workers. I don't know where that "Americans are lazy" stereotype came from because it's not true. The people in France only work a 30-some-odd hour workweek. I can't remember the exact number.

    I personally don't think I'm a snob and am interested in other places and what's happening in the world. Not all Americans are the same. The news media does report the more sensational things that happen, but that is not representative of all Americans.

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    We? Well, some people are, yes. For the most part, though , Americans have no right to be; look at what you have just pointed out: drunken/drugged pop princesses and starlets!

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    in case you somewhat are a snob, that would desire to be some thing that's recommended to artwork on. in spite of the undeniable fact that in case you dont see a peoblem with being a snob, properly, you could ,stay you existence the kind you go with for, in spite of the undeniable fact that it would be a mistake.

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    Reading some history will give a perspective that every century has it's share of snobs.

    Japan, China, Germany, France, England, Italy, Ottomans, Romans, various Greek state, Persia, Egypt all had there periods of snobbery.

    It is our turn, for a while.

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    1 decade ago

    America is quite high, the highest in the western world, for teen pregnancy and crime.

    I have always found them to be a friendly, warm and welcoming nation.

    I think snobbery is a little rife, but pride in yourselves is good, if a little misplaced, at times. (flag waving and air punching tend to make me bawk a little)

    In films where the flags fly, heroes are saluted, trumpets play and america saves the world...I think this is a little snobbey.

    British working population 48 hours a week, the us is 40.

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    I don't portray americans from what I see on TV.

    I live on Guam. Americans are mistreated here.

    Why? Simply because they are white...and moving in the natives' territory. [the army is taking over]

    I love americans.. I haven't met a "lazy arrogant snob" one yet. TV only shows you what they want you to see.. never the REAL things.

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    " Rightly so , in your humble opinion " . Don't you mean in your ignorant opinion ?

    What do you expect to see on the teevy in England , France , Germany , or any other Western country ?

    In many of the other countries , all you get is hip-hip-hurray for the leaders of the country .

    As for me , I'll take our few shortcomings , and I wish you a nice voyage to you new place of milk and honey .

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    lol we? Who is we? Speak for yourself. You don't know any of us on here so just because the people around you are lazy fatties that are obsessed with stars doesn't mean all Americans are.

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    I agree with your view of the US, but it seems pretty similar to over here in the UK, I'm sorry to say. All reality TV and no real life.

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