So, I just saw the video with Reba and Kelly, I am not a fan of country but, I was surprised by this song.?

I think their voices sound good together. Comments?

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    1 decade ago
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    You'd probably be more impressed if you listen to Kelly Clarkson do HER OWN SONG, ON HER OWN. Although I don't care for Reba, she is over-hyped and I have yet to see what the big deal is and have NEVER seen what it was. Been a few years and I don't get it. Anyway to me she just took over Kelly Clarkson's song. To me if you do a duet version(and I don't think that was the right song to make into a duet either) of someone's song WITH THAT PERSON, they should be the one who starts it. Although the way it was done didn't surprise me, but that is another issue.

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    "Because of you"

    I love that song, I am a fan of country but I don't tend to like reba's songs that much, not sure why, she is a great person and has a good voice I just couldn't ever get into her songs but this was the first for me to like of hers. I love it and sing along with it all the time. It is great and so true. It talks to me.

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    "Because of You"; I just love that song & the way Reba & Kelly sing it.

    Just listen to the's great!!!

  • 1 decade ago

    Ihave seen it a few times. I love it! They do sound good together.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Their voices complement each other very well on "Because Of You".

  • I absolutely love "Because of You" with their sounds so isn't all bad, you know =D

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