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Is swimming good exercise for osteoporosis?

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  • Tay :)
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    1 decade ago
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    Swimming is good for any bone disease. Example: If you have a sprain then the best exercise that you could do that wouldn't put a lot of stress on it, would be swimming. Usually doctors with overweight and obese patients, tell them a few exercises that they can do and

    one of the exercises is swimming. Also people who have cardiac problems, are recommended to swim for exercise. Hope i helped. See Ya!!

  • 1 decade ago

    If the main goal of the exercise is prevention of osteoporosis, swimming is probably good, but not quite as good as weight-bearing forms of exercise that may cause more of a positive stress on the skeleton.

    There are very few medical conditions that make swimming less safe than other forms of exercise. Most (but not all) people with exercise-induced asthma, for example, tend to do better with aquatic exercise because the humidity is better for their lungs. People suffering with arthritis of the weight-bearing joints, or most types of back pain generally exercise better in the water and often get improvement in their underlying conditions.

    So, to summarize, swimming and other aquatic forms of exercise are excellent choices for most people. Some instruction in proper swimming strokes will often be helpful for those without a strong background. Individuals should never swim alone. And, lastly, people over the age of 40, or with any major health problems or cardiovascular risk factors should see their physician before embarking on an exercise program.

  • 1 decade ago

    I have RA and teach arthritic pool class.

    Swimming is great for osteoporosis. Doing range of motion exercise is good also. Doing exercise in the water is easier and you get a better workout. You get a better range of motion in the water than if you try the same motion out of water. Weight being exercises should be limited so that there is no more damage to your body.

  • 1 decade ago

    It is if you have osteoporosis, but not if you are trying to prevent it. I'm doing a health promotion project about it at the moment. If you are trying to prevent it you should try weight bearing exercises such as walking, running, skipping, netball or football. Or anything that is similar in movement.

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