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  • 1 decade ago
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    Unexpectedly going to school soon, it is nearly one month since already

    During this month, discover that has not passed riply at all by oneself, my 1 kind in the same year

    Do anything and just come day, have not enterprise at all

    I is it study things just like a piece of blank sheet of paper , blank first already to come this month

    I am lazy for the question of one, give up my bad habit in attitude towards study of the ones that really change at time

    From family in addition, quarrel with family in my often question that because some little , make family extremely angry

    In fact they hope it is good for me, I have too many shortcomings, feel very ashamed and enduring long now, hope to have attitude of getting along well with family gradually!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Unexpectedly school not long, had been almost a month

    On this one, that have found themselves without a mature, ibid, I like a

    Do only muddling along, not motivated 1:00

    I not only this month to study things like a white, blank again

    My question is for a lazy, really is the time to change the attitudes towards learning to give up my bad habits

    Another family, I often because of some family problems and fewer quarrels, family anger

    In fact, they just want to me, I too many shortcomings, and now feel very ashamed Chennai long, hope and family gradually with a good attitude!

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