what would you do?

my family is really important to me(mom & dad) & im planning on moving to Florida in april it was really bugging me bout leaving so i talked too my mom about it she told me she'll miss me alot but if thats me dream as bad as it hurts she'll support it well i wrote my dad a 4 page letter explainin what i was doing..he dont want me to go 1.im his only child 2.he's afraid 3.what parent would want there kid going that far (Florida from Maine) It's hard 4 me 2 have 2 leave but its been a dream since i was 8 y/o 2 move there...I feel like im being torn between 2 ppl i love 2 pieces & a dream iv had for years. what is your opinion its buggin the crap out of me because i dont want him to hurt but i want to be happy & fullfill my goals/dreams & he wants me to fullfill them but he dont want me to go that far i just feel REALLY bad

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  • Sue F
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    1 decade ago
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    Part of being a parent is to let our children spread their wings and live their lives with all of their choices.

    My son and daughter are adults now and live many miles away from myself and their Dad, we have had to learn to deal with it as best we can.

    You will feel guilty at times, but you do have to live your life and live for your dreams, even if it takes you a long distance away.

    Once you are on your own, and your parents see how well you are doing, they will become more and more proud of you as time goes on.

    We love when we can visit our kids, but we all have our own lives to live as well, although I still tear up when we are leaving each other....that's a Mom thing and a Dad thing too, sometimes, although they try to hide it a bit more, at least my husband does.

    You can call and write and email and even visit back and forth. We have it so much easier than people decades ago, when people left home then it may have been months before they could communicate with their families.

    I am an only child, and it was difficult to move away and live my own life, but it had to be done. It was even more difficult for my Dad, as I was always Daddy's little girl, even up until the day he passed away; but your Dad and Mom will be proud of you.

    Good luck and I hope you find your dreams in Florida.

  • Claude
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    1 decade ago

    I could never move that far. I am very close to my folks & my mother was very close to her folks too. When I was in school, we moved far across the country away from my grandparents & my grandmother (my mothers mother) passed away. My mother was furious with herself for not being there for her mother & to this day, 10 years later she still regrets it. I would never want to be in that situation.

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