Why do I keep getting pimples after I shave?

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I always get pimples after I shave and now they are all over my face. They hurt too. What should I do? I'm using ultra sensitive shaving cream and a good razor. It seems like ...show more
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Definitely the blade of your shave is dirty thats why you keep getting skin rashes/allergies better buy a new one. One time my mom used my brother's shaver to shave her privates and when my brother used his shaver to shave he got so many pimples after.
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  • c-note answered 7 years ago
    After you shave, it opens your pores, making your skin susceptible to bacteria and ingrown hairs. I would really recommend you get a product called "Tend Skin." It will help a ton by closing those pores and preventing irritation and pimples. To get rid of the pimples you have now, buy any over-the-counter cream containing benzoyl peroxide and apply it at night before bed. good luck!
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  • ? Mia ? answered 7 years ago
    Get some good cleansing products and start using them, a simple reason this can be happening is that you're touching your face a lot during the process and hence spreading around what you've touched all over your face with your fingertips. So make sure you wash your hands and face thoroughly everyday, and in general take good care of your skin.
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  • dylan t. answered 7 years ago
    I get those too after i shave, its because when u shave the dirt easily gets in the sides of the open pore of the hair follicle. Keep ur skin clean after u shave... and i bought a skin care product called Cetaphil which is a clear liquid that is said to create a microfilm on ur face that prevents dirt to penetrate ur pores, it works absolutely well.... clean ur face regularly because pimples are caused by bacterias which feed on ur oil glands... so there u go! gud luck..
    p.s. the girl abuv me's probbly right too :)
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