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Where can I find a free site that will allow me to clean errors on my desktop pc?

My new desk top keeps telling me it has errors and it has been acting up. I have high speed internet. It works well with my lap top the speed is still fast on it. But my desk top has gotten slow and started showing a thing come up every now and then that it has errors on it. We have only had them both a month and it drives me nuts the children want on my lap top all the time. So any help would be much appreciated. Thanks so much.

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    Tuneup Utilities will fix the errors on your hard drive:

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    You definately have a virus or spyware.

    I'm sure you'd like to just go download a program for free that fixes everything and gets you back up to speed... but the fact is that once you are infected by a malicious piece of code its BURIED in your computer. Its nearly impossible to get rid of some of these things.

    No need to be distruaght though. If you bought the computer from a respectable source they surely gave you a reinstallation CD. Personally, I highly reccomend a wipe and reload of your system.

    1. Back up any files you want to keep. Pictures, music and documents are fine to back up, but don't be moving any of the crazy games and/or porn that your family may have downloaded as these are likely the cause of your problems.

    2. Put the reinstallation CD into your computer and restart. The computer SHOULD recognize the CD and take you to a primitive blue screen program. You'll have to piddle around a bit here... and this can be the scariest part. Delete your old partition (Wipe). Create a new partition and then install a new copy of windows.

    Your computer will reboot.

    3. From here on out things are simple. Windows will start installing and all you have to do is fill in the blanks. Microsoft has made it really simple. If you have any problems simply use your laptop to ask questions on here.

    The wipe and reload can be a pain in the butt, but its the only way to ensure you have a clean slate. Everyone with a computer should learn how to do this at some point. Computers will need to be wiped and reloaded anywhere from 6 months to 2 years based on how much they get used.

    Its as common as changing the oil in your car.

    Don't be intimidated... you can't mess it up. It'll only take about an hour.

    One more thing... have a talk with your children and ensure that they do not download programs and click on every popup they see that promises them ringtones and free cell phones.

    This is likely the cause of your problems.

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    Kids download about everything and are not too careful. Some game sites, music download sites can get you infected.

    You probably have spyware if you are getting pop ups about errors.

    Run Superantispyware and A-Squared Free 3.0 to check for infection. Both are free and very good.

    However, two very good free programs to use for errors are

    CCleaner and Iobit Advanced Windowscare.

  • It sounds like the desktop has a virus. You can get a free virus scanner at Also run SpySweeper and click on the link about 1/2 way down on the right (Tools for home users... It is the free version) and I would recommend Windows Defender.

    The best virus scanner, I think, is Norton, but it costs. AVG is free.

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    the real problem is the POP UP saying you have errors

    its a hoax to get you to buy a product to so-called FIX it

    what you need is to run SPYBOT or any any other

    good mal-ware detector and clean out your new buddy

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    You could try the various services I have links to on my web site:

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