Where is: Long Island, maps?

Does anyone know where the fllowing places are located. Please give a web address of a map or a site that I can see where theses are located if possible. THanks <3

1. Gree Mountains

2. Adirondack Mountains

3.Appalachian Mountains

4.Delaware Bay

5. Chesapeake BAy

6. Atlantic Ocean

7. Gulf of Mexico

8.Cape Cod

9. Long Island

10. Fort Ticonderoga ( Im sure it near vermont)

11. Connecticut River

12. Delaware River

13. Roanoke River

14. Hudson River

15. Potomac River

I'm spossed to put 100 points on a map of east USA and I dont know where these 15 are located. Please help. THanks so much. I know you'll probably say something like an atlas would be helpful for your questions.

Trust me I know it would. THats why I wish i had one or like checked one out but I didn't think about this a school on Friday. LOL so im in trouble if I cant find these things so ya, any help is WONDERFUL! Even if just a site that would be helpful

<3 THanks so much

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    Gulf of Mexico is the area of water directly below Louisiana and due west of Florida. Atlantic ocean is the body of water that stretches from Maine, to Florida. Long island is just off the coast of New York city, New York Just east.

    The rest you should find by your self.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I'd suggest you do this yourself using Google.

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