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Suggestions on Bridesmaid dress colors?

My wedding gown will be a dark blue with silver embrodiery on the edges. My fiancee and I were thinking of having a deep purple/plum colors for the bridesmaid since it's a fall wedding and the colors would work with the dark blue dress. Anyone have any other suggestions? Thanks!


Oh I am definitely planning to have dresses that compliment the bridesmaids. I may just choose a color, fabric, length and let the girls choose the dress for themselves, I've seen that done and it still looks nicely put together in pics.

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    i just went to a wedding where the bride wore red and the rest of the party (inc the tuxes) wore was VERY stunning.

    other suggestions would be silver or burgundy for contrast. you don't want to blend in the the rest of the wedding party do you?

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    Gee, with you in dark blue it would seem to me deep purple/plum colors will make the whole thing seem like a funeral with all those dark colors. Personally, I think you need something to lighten it up. (BTW, why are you getting opinions from your fiancee on the bridesmaid dresses and not opinions from the bridesmaids?)

    Have you chosen the bridesmaids? Take into consideration their coloring/complexions as well. I'm seeing burnt orange, fern green, golden yellow, olive, terra cotta, copper even red. On the other hand, these colors, while they tie into a fall theme don't seem to go well with a dark blue/silver weddng dress.

    Maybe silver/light to mid-range gray would be a good choice for their dresses. I don't know what style dresses you're considering but if you went with the light gray you might have some kind of trim to match the blue of your wedding dress.

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    Hi and congratulations!

    I wouldn't do a dark purple/plum. Your dress is already a dark color so that would blend it too much.

    If you have silver embroidery on your dress, why not go with a silver for the bridesmaids? I think you need a light color to compliment (not conflict) with your dress.

    Another option is maybe a yellow or gold/champagne color.

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    If you are doing a blue/silver dress.. I don't suggest purple, as it will look too much like yours. Greens, or burgandy colors will look nice with it too... Just make sure the dress is flattering to the bodies of the bridesmaids.

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  • Cory C
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    How about putting the maids in a pewter color, to play off your silver embroidery? Like this color:

    With you in a dark color (I salute your courage! That's awesome!!!), I think I would be thinking of a lighter or brighter color to off-set your gown. I'm thinking a gorgeous copper would compliment nicely. .

    A silvery shade of Celery Green:

    This is pretty as it is a bluish-silver:

    I would stick with 'cool, icy' colors that will compliment your silver.

    Good LUck - and you're gonna look great in that navy gown!

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    brown is always a nice complement to blue...or you could do a charcoal/grey. I like the deep purple, but it makes me think of a's just me, sorry...I mean it can look nice, but I just have a bruise on my arm and those are the colors of it...

    If you toss in some deep plum/purple in your bouquet then that would look fantastic with the bridesmaid dresses....

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    pink and blue are lovely together plum sounds a bit dark and wont compliment your blue yellow is good also, ask the bridesmaids

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    Anything BUT seafoam. It's a shade of green that makes everyone who wears it look nauseous. Almost any jewel tone would look good. Dark, rich colors complement most people, & would go with your dress. AND a fall wedding demands rich colors! Good Luck & Blessings on both of you, your wedding, & your life together!

    Source(s): 40 plus years of decorating just about everything!
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    Blue and purple? I don't suggest it. Maybe a deep pine green. That would be beautiful!! Or deep orange. Very deep, that way it's not so bright, it overpowers your dress. I'd go with the green though.

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    there's a new trend in weddings wherein the bridesmaids wear gowns of different colors or different shades of a particular color. its quite nice coz theres a variety but still looks coordinated. maybe you can let your bridesmaids wear gowns with different shades of blue or purple... whichever you like. you can also let your bridesmaid decide which shade she likes as long as it can coordinate well with your gown. that way, you and your bridesmaid will be both happy. :) good luck and congratulations.

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