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How to get rid of the stench of cigarette smoke?

I have had my brother over recently and he has been smoking in the spare bedroom. I just can't seem to get the smell to go away. Any suggestions?

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    Leave a small bowl of vinegar out in a safe area (away from pets and children) until it evaporates.

    It usually purifies the air.

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    Wash the sheets, lysol the mattress flip the matress over, lysol it, you can also get febreeze and spray on the mattress, curtain etc. If there is a window in the room open it and air out the room. Any fabric that the smoke has settled in will still stink, so you will have to romove the smell from all the fabric first before the room will smell better.

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    Yes, here's a guaranteed method that no one will tell you about. You need to be somewhere where you have access to a window a decent airflow, preferably high off the ground (apartment building or such). 1. Take the jacket and hold it in your right hand. 2. With your left stretch the jacket. 3. Now, whilst holding the jacket between the two hands lean over the windowsill to properly air the material. 4. Now let go of the jacket. No more smell.

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    You can get a spray air freshener from the supermarket that neutralises the smell of cigarettes. It's one of those ones that removes the smell rather than just masking it. Also, try putting bicarb soda on the carpet before vaccuuming. This absorbs odours.

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    Of course everything should be cleaned like paint or wash walls with 1 teaspoon of vinegar to pint of warm water, thats easy. Now febreeze will only mask the problem temporarily it will be back., either have the carpeting steam cleaned and have the cleaning technician apply an odor NEUTRALIZER problem solved. Now if you can rent or borrow an ozone machine problem solved.

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    Please make sure your bedclothes are color fast, just to be on the safe side. Laundry bedclothes with borax (which contains natural odor eliminating minerals) and normal detergent. After that sprinkle baking soda on the mattress and carpet (also eliminates odor and is very cheap). You might need to do this once or twice, depending how much he actually smoked in the room.

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    ODOBAN on all the soft surfaces. You can get it at Wal-Mart on the bottom shelf near the Febreeze. Costs half as much but actually works by killing the odor causing bacteria.

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    Wash everything in the bedroom, that you can, clean the carpet, and spray with Febreze. With time, it will become less noticeable.

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    I tryed this spray they sell it at menards its called zep commercial smoke eliminator work good

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