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Why does today's NBA Fans say that Michael Jordan didn't play against great perimeter-wing players?

Some of the MJ haters say that Michael stats are better then Kobe's because he didn't have the same competition that Kobe has. They 'CLAIM' that there were no great perimeter-wing players like it is today. I think that is a bunch of bull! Now here is a list for you guys.

1. Juluis 'Dr. J' Erving

2. Clyde 'The Glyde' Drexler

3. Bernard King

4. Dominique Wilkins

5. Grant Hill (before injury)

6. Penny Hardaway (before injury)

7. Len Bias (in college)

8. Michael Ray

9. Harold Minor (Baby Jordan)

10. Larry Johnson

11. Glen Rice

12. Ron Harper (in his younger years)

13. Latrell Sprewell

14. Ray Allen

15. Kobe Bryant (1996-97 & 1997-98)

Anyways, there is about 15. MJ played all of them perimeter players in the 80's & 90's. He is a list of great guards he played against as well.

1. Magic Johnson

2. Kevin Johnson

3. Allen Iverson

4. Isiah Thomas

5. Gary 'The Glove' Payton

6. Tim Hardaway

7. Reggie Miller

8. John Stockton

9. Jalen Rose

10. Joe Dumars


Here is a bonus:

1. Shawn Kemp

2. Jason Kidd

3. Allan Houston


As a Wizard (way past his prime and aging)

1. T-Mac

2. Vince Carter

3. Steve Nash

4. Shawn Marion

5. Rip Hamilton

Anyways, it's many more then what I gave you. To say MJ didn't play against great perimeter-wing players is just foolish. He even played against some of the stars of today (when he was past his prime) and still kept a 20 + point average and had 40 & 50 point games. MJ stats are not because of his era, it's because he was the greatest. I'd rather have to play T-Mac & Vince then Dr. J. & Drexler anyday. MJ played against the greatest of the perimeter-wing players.

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    Those who say Kobe is better than Jordan are on Crack!

    Kobe = Crack

    Laker fans, I mean Kobe fans are junkies don't listen to

    them their mind does not work right while on crack

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    Jordan owns everyone's life. Don't listen to those Kobe fans. Yah he's great but they should realize that all those players Jordan played against are in the top 50 greatest NBA players. Jordan played against the best that will ever be.

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    because todays nba fans never saw jordan play. never watched him break down whatever stopper they tried to shut him down with. and never saw him beat double and triple teams consistently in the fourth quarter of huge games.

    i dont believe jordan was the greatest player ever, as far as talent, or even the ability to dominate a game. but, much like a joe montana, or mark messier, he was his games greatest competitor. jordan just refused to be beaten, and thats why he should always be respected.

    comparing kobe and mj, is a pointless exercise. kobe is a great individual talent, but he is not even half the baller jordan was. he just doesnt get it, and he never will. the only player ive seen be like mike in a long time, was lbj, when he took over against the pistons last year.

    all u newer fans/kobe jocksniffers, should realize jordan did that on a regular basis, and he could drop 30 with his eyes closed, against any perimieter defender, past, present, or future. (and....u could hand check back then....think about it)

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    Why let those people get to you? How many rings does bryant have without Shaq? Jordan was 10 times the player and 1000 times the human being bryant will ever be.

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    michael jordan "two thumbs up..."

    and also what a great list you got there, for sure some of today's "NBA fans"(who claims KOBE is greater than Jordan are 15 below!) they never actually watch how Jordan played.

    All the players in the list are much greater than todays perimeter wing players...

  • Kobe>jordan

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    The NBA fans that you're talking about are either extremely ignorant, or under 13 years old. Micheal Jordan is the best ever and if you say otherwise you never watched him play.

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    Those who claim Kobe is better, more than likely never watched Jordan.

    No matter what valid argument you make on Jordan's behalf, those who "love" Kobe will continue denying who HELPED create Kobe, which is Jordan.

    Without Jordon, there wouldn't be the Kobe that exists today........

    The kicker : they played better defense in Jordan's days, then they do now.......

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    graciouswolfe's response is brilliant. Couldn't have said it better myself.

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    Hope this answers your question

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