8th grade science fair project?

i need an idea that follows these standards- i must find 3 different sources for it, no living things, imust be able tomake a question out of it, and i must be able to follow the scienitific method.

I had a few ideas-

-what is the water quality of rainwater in diff. areas?

-how does a camera work?

could u tell me any other ideas or help me to do my ideas using the schools standards (Above)

thanks =)

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    How a camera works is fairly simple. There are lots of web sites on it; you can buy kits for making cameras, etc. It may be a reasonable science fair project, but it isn't really a science project.

    Determining the contents of rainwater in different areas is a great science project. Among the contaminants you can look at is sulphuric acid. Acid rain is a major environmental problem in a number of areas in the U.S. and can give rise to many interesting questions:

    * How does the acidity of the rain vary over the U.S. (or the world)?

    * Where does the acid in the rain come from?

    * Which industrial processes lead to acid rain?

    There is much on the web on all of these topics. You can also get data from various state and national governments (Canada has complained about acid from the U.S.; the U.S. has complained about acid from Europe, California has complained about pollution from China; etc.)

    Closer to home, one can look at:

    * How can one measure the acidity of rain?

    * How does one check that the measurements you are getting mean what you think they mean?

    There is less on the web on these so they give you a great excuse to go out to talk with professional experimentalists.

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    You should do the project on rainbows it would be easy enought but I don't know what question you would use...

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