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why is my budgie pecking when already seems partialy trained?

Hi i have a budgir which is avery bred. Im not sure exactly how old he is. i Think he is a he due to the cere starting to turn blue. I have managed in 4-5 weeks to train him to sit on my finger go on my shoulder and go back in his cage. i let him out daily usualy in the evening when the cat is out.He even flys back to the cage and last night flew to me on my shoulder. He is so lovely seems trained but will peck and bit fingers and chew anything jeans etc when sitting on you. however has not every drawn blood but hangs on. Is this something he will grow out of? Or is there something i can do to stop te pecking? If anyone knows please help. I think he has also started talking but quietly to his perch. is this the start of talking. as it does sound the same as Oscar your a pretty boy? thanks for your help

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    Whenever your bird pecks you, tell him "no" and put him back in the cage. If you keep this up, your bird should figure out what happens when it pecks or bites and change his behavior!

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    Sometimes birds get protective over you. He might be trying to warn you about something he thinks is dangerous like another family member he is not familiar with. Move to a quiet room where nobody else is. Don't scold him because he isn't doing anything wrong. Be grateful you have such a good relationship. Also try to socialize him more with family members so he gets more used to them. Make sure you are right there while your family members are holding him. This way he won't be so stressed out! Just don't let the pecking get out of control. I have a conure and he draws blood almost every time when he bites. He is also very protective of me. Good Luck!

    Source(s): Previous Parakeet owner and current Conure owner
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