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PLs help???Or il go mad!?

K il make this as short as possible:

I lyked 2 guys at my school chatted 2 another guy 2 weeks ago told him who i lyked i started 2 lyk him and told him bt it was late and i was he didnt think it was 4 real...this saturday i talked 2 him again told him i lyked him again(I kno stupid bt i dont lyk playin games dats mayb y iv never had a bf) anyways i kinda asked him out bt he said he couldnt bcause of school and bcause of sumting else dat he cant tel any1 or it wil ruin his he gave me lots of compliments....wat u think is he just making up excuses and doesnt lyk me(he never sais hi 1st on msn) or is he telling da truth? and wat should i do(carry on lykin him or leave it even though its hard)????Tanks!

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    not be all up in his face or he'll get annoyed

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