Does anyone know/ work for Eli Lilly Company? I am looking to get a pharmaceutical sales job there.?

Also what is the base salary for a pharmaceutical sales rep? Good job? Thanks!

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    In my sales territory, I know of a few sales reps who work for Eli Lilly, and they all seem to be happy with their jobs! In the US, Eli Lilly is not known for their antibiotics, but for their insulin.

    One question: Are you limiting yourself to Eli Lilly? If so, why? If you are truly interested in pharmaceutical sales, it can't hurt to explore opportunities with other pharma companies as well.

    As for base salary, this would always depend on the company, the candidate's sales experience, the candidate's current salary. If for someone with no sales experience, I would say a starting base salary of $40-45,000 is pretty standard. Of course, one is eligible for incentive compensation (bonuses). The better the sales performance, the higher the bonus. Don't forget the company car, company laptop, etc.

    Is it a good job? It is a good job only for those willing to put in long hours and hard work. Training, growth and learning opportunities are excellent. Potential to make a six-figure income is always possible. If one is not willing to work hard, it will show and life will only be made miserable for these poor individuals.

    Good luck!

    P.S. By the way, what happened with your recent panel interview? Was that with Lilly? Did they move you up to the next step in the hiring process?

    Source(s): Many years as a Pharmaceutical Sales Representative in the US and multiple years recipient of top performance awards.
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    Eli Lilly Philippines Careers

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    Eli Lilly is an American Company and they are known for their antibiotic products. They have premium priced products and highly ethical in their approaches. They belong in the Top 20 pharma companies in the Phils.

    In the Philippines, the average entry level salary for MRs averages at 8-9 thousand pesos excluding the sales incentives (in cash and foriegn travel) and per diems.

    It's a good job; earning potential and training opportunities are good.

    Source(s): IMS Phils
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