Under an immigration program, how can one obtain permanent residency in the US per instructions below?

One has been here legally for over five years under a TPS program for El Salvador. One cannot qualify under family relations. It would seem the only possible way is through employment. Any other easier and sure way?

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    TPS cannot lead to permanent residence status, but the last time El Salvador had TPS they went from TPS to DED, Differed Enforced Departure, and then Nacara law was passed which basically was for certain nationals to be allowed to apply for permanent resident if they could prove they had been here for 10 years and they had filed their taxes for the 10 years and with no criminal record. the employment route is not for everyone, usually have to be sponsored by the employer and the employer has to prove or demonstrate that there are not sufficient u.s. citizens ot permanent residents to fill the jobs, job must be an occupation that the dept of labor states there is a shortage of u.s. citizens or LPR's.

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    I really don't know what the TPS program is, but it looks to be a easy way for someone that isn't a citizen of the United States to find a way to stay here. Forget the ways around not becoming a citizen, apply for being a US citizen or go back to your country to live your life as you see fit.

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