Exploring Space?

1. Describe some uses of satelites and space probes?

2. What was the spollo program?

3. What future space programs are being considered?

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    Satelites and space probes have various uses. Satelites are used to enhance communications and take pictures of the earth, sometimes for weather forecasting and to keep track of shifts in the earth's terrain. Space probes explore other planets to see what they are made up of.

    The Apollo space program back in the sixties and seventies was the United States program that eventually landed man on the moon in July of 1969. Neil Armstrong was the first human being to ever set foot on the moon that day. Buzz Aldrin was the second. There were eight more Apollo missions, seven of which landed men on the moon. Unfortunately, Apollo 13 made more history for not landing on the moon.

    The US space program wants to land a man on mars in 2037 and several designs are being considered for the space craft necessary to accomplish that feat. Hopes this helps you!

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    1) Look up telescopes (like Spitzer, Swift, Hubble, SOHO, and Compton).

    2) I think you mean 'Apollo'. That will help when you google it.

    3) Look up the James Webb Space Telescope.

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