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Bon Jovi"It's my life", "Have a nice day"

Greenday"Wake me up when september ends"

Eagles"Desperado","Hotel Calafornia"

Bob Dylan"Blowing in the wind"







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    1.歌曲名 2.詞曲製作人 3. 出版年份 4.專輯

    (一)1.It's My Life 2.BonJovi, Martin, Sambora 3.2000年 4.Crush

    It's My Life 是一首很簡單的 Bon Jovi 式搖滾歌曲,直接單純的吉他伴奏,襯托主唱的歌聲,很成功的流行搖滾樂。

    Even if it was classified as pop-metal, Bon Jovi never really was much of a metal band, relying on big, catchy melodies and not guitar riffs to make their songs memorable. That's why, in 2000, they're able to make an album like Crush, which strays far enough into pop/rock to actually stand a chance of getting airplay (which it did, with the hit lead single "It's My Life"). The guitar crunch on the uptempo numbers keeps Bon Jovi from becoming a full-fledged pop/rock band, but in addition to the typical hard rockers, there are nods to heartland rock, Bryan Adams-style adult contemporary balladry ("Thank You for Loving Me"), the Beatles (the surprisingly effective "Say It Isn't So"), and even British glam à la T. Rex or David Bowie ("Captain Crash and the Beauty Queen From Mars"). Occasionally, it sounds like the band is attempting to cover as many bases as possible for multi-format appeal, but for the most part, the variety -- coupled with the consistently polished songcraft -- makes for a surprisingly listenable album. The production is a little more electronic-tinged, but not obtrusively high-tech, so the band doesn't come off as desperate to sound contemporary. Aside from a couple of missteps (the soppy, aforementioned "Thank You for Loving Me" and the mawkish posturing of "Save the World"), Crush is a solidly crafted mainstream rock record that's much better than most might expect. Even if Crush is more measured than Bon Jovi's early work, "Just Older" sums up the band's acceptance of their status nicely: "The skin I'm in is all right with me/It's not old, just older."

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    (二)1.Have a Nice Day 2.BonJovi, Child, Sambora 3. 2005年 4.Have a Nice Day

    Have a Nice Day 是 BonJovi 後期找到的作曲方程式,簡單乾淨,


    2007-09-30 13:23:52 補充:

    Have a Nice Day, Bon Jovi's ninth studio album of original material, picks up where 2002's Bounce left off, showcasing a harder, heavier band than either 2000's Crush or Jon Bon Jovi's 1997 solo effort,

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    (三)1.Wake Me Up When September Ends 2.Armstrong, Green Day 3.2004 4. American Idiot

    歌曲的吉他很好聽,Bon Jovi 年代之後的搖滾樂代表。音樂及歌詞的訴求都很直接。年輕人的想法。

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    It's a bit tempting to peg Green Day's sprawling, ambitious, brilliant seventh album, American Idiot, as their version of a Who album, the next logical step forward from the Kinks-inspired popcraft of their underrated 2000 effort。

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    (四) 1.Desperado 2.Glenn Frey, Don Henley 3.1973 4.Desperado

    Desperado,desperado= a desperate man,

    歌詞描述一個遍體淋傷但渴望真愛卻不知如何是好但又相信緣分與好運的男人的心情。非常好聽的情歌。後來出現一手全台灣大流行的情歌 The one you love ,可能是這首歌的續集簡單版。

    2007-09-30 13:26:27 補充:

    If Don Henley was the sole member of the Eagles underrepresented on their debut album, Eagles, with only two lead vocals and one co-songwriting credit, he made up for it on their follow-up, the "concept" album Desperado.

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    (五) 1.Hotel California 2.Don Felder/Glenn Frey/Don Henley 3.1976 4.Hotel California


    2007-09-30 13:27:01 補充:

    "Hotel California" was the title track of the Eagles' most successful regular album (though second overall to the astronomical sales of Eagles/Their Greatest Hits 1971-1975) and a chart-topping hit in its own right. It also featured one of the more mysterious lyrics of a popular song in the 1970s.

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    (六) 1.Blowin' in the Wind 2.Bob Dylan 3.1963 4.The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan

    一把民謠吉他、粗糙的口琴加上Bob Dylan並不出眾的聲音,唱出這首簡單的歌曲。歌詞將深刻的一切融在天真而千奇百怪的問題中,又同時留下了一個無奈的回答:The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind。 當Dylan以淳樸的聲音問說「何時炮彈不在紛飛?何時不再有無辜的死亡?」,相信沒有人會無動於衷。戰爭永遠是人類所做過最愚蠢的事。這是一首非常重要而且打動人心的反戰歌曲。

    2007-09-30 13:29:17 補充:

    Inarguably the peak of modern protest songwriting, "Blowin' in the Wind" transformed Bob Dylan from hipster folky to cultural sensation and provided the growing protest community with an anthem equally applicable to every kind of injustice ever visited upon the Earth.

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