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i don't get it(hannah montana)?

okay she is not a real singer so why does she has concerts like a real singer cuase she is not.okay for hannah montana even though there is no third season if there was a CD would come out and it would say hannah montana soundtrack

see songs from the show hannah montana.

now the cheetah girls:

see so the cheetah girls are real singers hannah montana is not so why is she having concert like she is a real siger and please dons say cause she great or something like that HSM is way better and they don't have concert like her


it's a question it is somewhere in there.ans hsms does not have daily concerts like her.she has concerts like beyonce and chris brown or she is a lipsyncinger.she was caught on tape

Update 2:

you know what i think the whole thing is stupid and i am so happy that season two is the last season

Update 3:

you know what i think the whole thing is stupid and i am so happy that season two is the last season

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    i like the show and miley and there's more than 2 seasons! i'm her number 1 and thats why i know. she's a real singer, under the name MILEY CYRUS instead of HANNAH MONTANA!

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  • Anonymous
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    Its just a way for disney to make more money and in the shows she always has concerts and stuff. In her album she did like 10 hannah songs and 10 miley songs because she (miley cyrus) wants to get into the singing business, but she probably signed a contract with disney saying she would be hannah montana for promotional reasons.

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    You don't have to actually sing to have a CD or give concerts. Just look at Milli Vanilli (or The Monkees, for that matter, who only learned to actually play and sing AFTER they were famous!). To the person who said "she sings her songs, she has a CD..." give me a break. After they overtrack it 100 times, digitally correct all the flat notes, and get session singers to fix it up, ANYBODY could make crap like this.

    She's just more plastic Disney garbage, spewing out of a pink plastic spout like a MacDonald's hamburger. It's true that she only has this shot because of her father. But that's even more amazing, because he's a no-talent schmoe as well.

    Patience, it will blow over soon enough. (Spice who?)

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    Hannah Montana is played by Miley Cyrus (a.k.a. Destiny Hope Cyrus) the daughter of country singer Billy Ray Cyrus.

    Yes, Miley Cyrus is a real singer - she just plays Hannah Montana on T.V. - so, to answer your question - the person who plays the character really sings her own songs, so technically she is a singer. . .

    I know, totally confusing!!

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  • vault
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    she is a singer. and she does sing. On her TV show. She plays two people. The famous singer, and the normal one that she does not want the kids at school to know she is a singer. She has a CD out. My daughter has it. Yes she sings. Have you not seen her on TV. Believe me she is a singer. She sings her songs.

  • Anonymous
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    she is not a real singer(hannah montana not miley cyrus).like u said they have song from the tv Miley cyru is suposedly a real singer .

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    I don't really see how this is a question, but I'll respond anyways. I think she's freaking fake, she's scary thin and she's only famous because of her dad.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    because Disney has taken over the world.

  • 1 decade ago

    becuse alot of ppl like her if they dident they wont cancel her show ,concerts and every thing else.

  • she ia a real singer

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