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Is M.V.P. the coolest guy in WWE or whhaaaaaaaat, and is better than hardy(it is not a question?

United States Champion and WWE Tag Team Champion (with the man who will not win and likes cocks Matt Hardyyyy) face it Hardy fans Matt sucks mvp is the next world champ and the best thing to happen to WWE no, to the world! he has a ot of style and cooolness and a very original theme...whats hardy? a retard that even will loose to Eugene.

MVP helped hardy vs his match against deuce 4 weeks ago in smackdown and what hardy does?!

a)a looser

b)a cry baby

c)a jealous *****

d)all of the above


I cant believe there's some retard guys that cheer hardy without mvp that retard would be in a rivalry with kenny dykstra or whatever is his name and would loose so...FACT MVP OWNS HARDY LIKE IN THE BASH

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    MVP is the future.

    Matt is pretty cool. i respect him. (unlike his brother)

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    with the aid of the appearance Of It, Kofi Kingston could have a greater appropriate profession interior the WWE basically because of the fact MVP isn't Getting Any stable Fan reaction Being A Face. If MVP grew to become into nonetheless A Heel, Then He may well be greater valuable basically because of the fact of His Gimmick. It grew to become into plenty greater appropriate Than And The Corwd somewhat Gave Him warmth because of the fact of His Cocky mindset. His Face Gimmick is uncomplicated And It somewhat does no longer artwork With The objective audience in any respect. Kofi Kingston Will Do plenty greater appropriate (even nonetheless I Dislike Him) for 2 reasons. His Gimmick somewhat Works, And The followers purely like Kofi's Moveset. His strikes artwork properly along with his Gimmick and that's the reason he would be greater valuable. BQ: I Dislike Kofi Kingston.

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    no way mvp is overhyped. hardy has more experience and therefore is better. do i relly think this, maybe but you are so anti hardy and pro mvp i had to put an answer like this. and besides mvp isnt as good as you think. the smackdown roster just really sucks right now

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    i like hardy better hes a veteran

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    Hardy is okay.I don't really care for him but that other druggy Hardy should really get fired.

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    I like MVP character. He like a dude that think he all that. but he really nice. But he is ok in the ring. :)

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    MVP is great. Hardy is ok though aswell.

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    He just has to lose that power ranger attire for a more thugish look.. Asfor the coolest, my vote goes to Kennedy

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    hardy has beat him at everything, including a match

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    mvp is ok i guess

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