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How do I kick people off my wireless?

Someone has connected a computer, and a xbox 360 to my wireless conection and its making it run slow. My dad set it up and knows nothing about it, so it is not secure. Is there any way of doing this with out having to find the manual?


I think its my new neighbors. I just unpluged it for about 10 min and they connected right when I turned it on, its starting to tick me off.

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    I wouldn't bother the Police.

    Unless you can prove Intent - that is that they intended to steal from you, you will only cause a real local bunfight, to no real avail.

    What if they too did just what your dad did, and "don't know anything about IT"?

    What is most likely happening, is that their system is just grabbing the first wireless connection it finds - YOURS!

    Both you (and your neighbour!) need to set up the 'security' - as detailed in other answers. "RTFM" is the old techies' answer - complicated machinery really needs you to read the manual. I'm sorry, but unless you do DIY things like service your car yourself, you may not appreciate the complexity of many of the basic concepts at first. But don't panic - it's not difficult when you stick to it.

    You don't NEED to 'kick them off' - just set up the security - especially allowing only the machines on your network to access the connection, and no one else CAN get on by accident.

    In the meantime just turn off your router when you don't need the connection! (Unless your service provider explicitly tells you to NOT do that!)

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    Go to the manufacturers website and they probably have an automatic set up program that you can download that will walk you thru setting it up.....or you can type in and enter you router set up after signing in.

    Some things you can do:

    You can not disable broadcast of your wireless connection.

    Change the name of the connection to something other that the router name.

    Change the default password of the router.

    To clamp down you should run at least WEP 128 encryption. Higher encryption and better yet is WPA which automatically changes the key at intervals.

    You can also use MAC filtering so only your computers MAC address or ones you want to connect can do so.

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    It will be necessary to dig out the manual for the wireless router, and turn on security. Apart from turning the wireless connection off completely, its the only way of stopping freeloaders from hijacking your internet connection. Once you enable the security features on the router, it will be necessary to change the settings on the xbox360 so it can access the router.

  • Encrypt it....

    99% of people just go out and buy a wireless router, plug it in, and set off on it, with no real IT minded thought of what theyre doing. It means that anyone - and i mean, ANYONE, can use your wireless and you end up with the bill, and a really slow connection speed. Youre one of the 99%, or at least your dad is, and its typical. Even what you said sums it up "My dad set it up and knows nothing about it". Never do something with IT unless you know what you are doing.

    Depending on the router, depends on how you encrypt it. I suggest you find out how to do it for your router, and do it ASAP before you end up with a ridiculous bill (and lets face it, online gaming <<the Xbox360>> isnt cheap...)

    Get online, and find a forum about how to do it for your router. And do it soon.

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    First of all look at the wireless router you have. Write down the manufacturer, model and serial number. Also look for a 10 digit number, probably on the bottom. Now, go online to and type in the make & model of your router. You will get a list of a LOT of links concerning your router. Looking at the URL in bold at the bottom of each listing try to find the corporate website that matches yours. When you get to their website, look for product support. You should be able to find a .pdf (Portable Document File) of your manual. After you study that manual, CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD IMMEDIATELY. You will need the 10 digit number to do this. That should keep the skimmers off your service.

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    Report this to the police, they can go to prison for stealing your connection. Once sorted you need to download the manual from the manufacturer's site and and use the web interface to set an encryption key. In the meantime also set an admin password, in case they know the default. They can set your router so you can't use it.

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    Unplug it... lol..

    Usually there is a setting in the router that you can lock people out... If i were you i'd just go in there, and find the wireless options, then set it up for "WPA"

    It's pretty self explanitory...

    Consider yourself lucky though, and find some packet sniffers, you can watch everything they do on your router, LEGALLY, because they're using your connection...

    You can also call the cops, and show them what is going on, its illegal for them to do that, even if you dont have security set up... They're stealing from you... You could probably get a few months of service money out of them.

    They're not far from you, probably next door, if you're in an apartment complex, they're probably on your same floor, across the hall, or next door...



    They probably have thier adapters set to automatically accept wireless networks...

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    I suggest setting up the security. You can do this through the network wizard that either is Microsof default on your computer or comes with the router. Set the security to WPA. it will let you select a username & password so no one can get on it. good luck

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    it may be as easy as setting a password for each user who tries to access the internet through your wireless.

    in internet explorer, type in the address bar. it will open your router's configuration and a login dialog box. for most routers the default user name for admin is 'admin' and the password is blank. later you may assign an admin password for yourself.

    browse through the config panels. there should be something there that will let you password protect your wireless.

    if someone has tampered with your admin rights and you can't access the configuration panel, reset your router. locate a dot-sized hole somewhere at the back of your router and press it with the point of a paper clip.

    i hope this helps.

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    Log into your wireless router. Normally, you'd load up IE or Firefox, go to: This may take you into the routers configuration, if not, then I'd suggest writing down your model # and do a web search, or go to the manufacturers website and grab a pdf.

    It could be as easy as making your wireless connection password protected.

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