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Relationship Problems?


Problem is

I like my best friend and at first I thought there was an attraction between us until I confronted her

And well...

let's just say I walked away not so happy..


And well now she's interested in another guy

but she is unsure

She comes to be for help but I surely will be bias


I was hoping..

if there were any methods into

catching the female eye

By any possible means..

We go to high school together and see each other EVERYDAY and its hard..

but yeh.

She is the random and crazy type that loves to laughh

and im the semi-serious, laidback, and sometimes emotional type. We're best friends and yehh

Im not that attractive unfortunently, but I was hoping for a female or even experienced male to help me in this part. I really want to be more than friends with her...

Is there anyway I can change her mind??

I absolutely despise the guy whom she likes and is going out with... they've only started dating YESTERDAY

and man...

was i crushed...

please help.

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    You're scr**ed. She says she doesn't like you that way and you still want her. AND she thinks she can ask you for advice about another guy. That just won't work in the long run. She is just plain not interested in yo0u that way, so either let go of the feelings or man up and tell her you can't be the guy to talk to about other guys because you still like her. That won't end well, but at least it will be honest.

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